As a website owner you want your website to be known as a good resource. A place where people come to get the right picture about a product, and maybe pick up the product that you are selling. For this purpose you will hope to set up a reputation of being more than a good web design. You may have a number of competitors that will be out to prove that their website is a better place to visit. So you have to have a number of web marketing strategies in order to push your site on the top of the pile. However, as you go about implementing these strategies, be careful that you don't get into trouble.

Copyright Photos and Creative Commons Photos: You may make a comparison with a competitor's products and services on your website. To make this more visually appealing you could use the logo or photos of products of your competition's website. However, before you do so, beware as photos have copyright issues. Your utilization of a competitor's photograph could land you in hot soup. Legally the photograph belongs to them and if they decide to sue you over using it on your website, you can get into a whole lot of trouble.

Video Copyrights for Training Videos: It is also possible to get into trouble by using videos from other sites. A travel website may have a sightseeing video posted on it. You may decide to use the video to display the sites of your city and find that the person who owns the video copyrights is not amused by your decision and you may end up paying a hefty monetary fine. So before you decide to add a video on your site make sure that you contact the owner of the site where you found it to get more copyright details for the videos. Most people do not have an issue with you using the video content as long as you link back to them with appropriate acknowledgement. If you have hired a website designer, ask him to find out about the legality of the content used.

RSS Content from Article Directories and Blogs: This one is specifically for those of you who generate content through AUTO-Blogging. If you take the RSS content from various blogs and article directories in your niche and populate your web site with them you need to be very careful. Actually you should not be doing this at all as you seem to be stealing other people's work rather than generating you own content. Imagine how you would feel if you spent hours writing unique and useful content only to have some smart guy rip it off for his website.

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