Today, numerous people who use smartphones are confused by their mobile data plans. The pricing policy is highly baffling, the tools available to help are quite limited, knowing how particular applications consume data is often almost impossible and monitoring the use can be very difficult. All these factors can lead to frustration among the mobile data subscribers and expensive support calls for the mobile operators. Sometimes, the consumers can also feel shocked after see their mounting bill beyond their expectation at the end of the month. This is mostly seen among the people who travel a lot due to business or personal reasons and rely on their mobiles for internet connections.

When you receive huge mobile bills at the end of the month, you often wonder- is it Google maps, Facebook, e-mails or something else which is consuming the megabytes on the roaming plan? But, the advancement of technology has gifted you the perfect technique through which you can set up an alert and get to know you limit and ward off extra bills. Through data manager android you can easily make your mobile data extremely transparent. Now, you have the right tool to use your data plan efficiently and save your hard earned money substantially.

With so many mobile sellers available in the market luring people with their attractive offerings, it becomes quite difficult for the people to know what they are buying and how they will use their mobile data. All you care is the looks and feel of the mobile. Whatever the seller elaborates, you just take it for face value and do not try to explore the details. But, when at the end of the month, you are handed with a substantial bill, you start realizing your folly. But, now there is no need for you to be depressed or frustrated. The Data manager is equipped with the latest data usage apps through which you can easily manage and understand your data consumption.

With the help of the data manager android you can conveniently monitor WiFi, 3G or 4G and roaming data consumption for roaming plans as well as home. You can either calculate your daily or monthly aggregate consumption or detailed consumption on service or per-application basis. You can also avail iOS and Android smartphone support and also view the history of consumption rates for the determination of data consumption trends. Thus, you can have a rapidly evolving product which can make your life easy and provide the best way to track your mobile data and bills!

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