Avoid being cheated by Rosemary Price psychic. Most of us can get enticed by someone who is not trustworthy at some time or another. But this is when our hearts rule of our. The key to not being scammed is to always have the head rule the heart.

Take the example of a designer hand bag for sale at a really cheap price. You may think it is gorgeous and cheap so you want it. But why would the person who owns this bag sell it so cheap? The likelihood is that is it an illegal copy and quite ordinary really except for looking similar to the designer bag.If we are realistic we cannot be conned.

A few weeks ago I was chatting to a client who said she had been conned. She was quite elderly and had met a much younger man who was incredibly handsome. He said he was a film star (though she had never heard of him) and he was rich. He asked her to lend him money because for various reasons he could not get hold of any of his for a while.
He went around to her place, virtually treating her home like his own, taking money, having sex, eating her food.
She was so pleased to have found this much younger, good looking famous and rich man. But then it turned out he ran up huge bills and never paid any of this money back. Of course, he was neither in love with her, rich or famous either.

The warning bells should have gone off at the start. A man who is truly famous, rich and gorgeous would not be likely to fall for a much older woman. It can happen, yes. It does. But it is unlikely. And you have to work out these things based on generalisations and likelihoods. Just as this woman wanted a much younger partner who was good looking and successful the good looking young partner would probably not want someone who is less successful, less good looking and older. This man was not father Christmas who came along to give her what she dreamed of.
He was with her for what he could get from it himself.

There are sites online that claim they can tell you all you need to know about your lover or partner. But few of them can really deliver the goods. You would need one that is staffed and manned 100% by people who have credentials they have proven. You can find such staff at Rosemary Price's site at http://www.webclairvoyant.com where you get an accurate and helpful reading at a fair price.

And you can always avoid being cheated if you just swivel things around and look at things from the other person's point of view. Would YOU be offering YOU what they are saying if in their shoes?

Avoid being cheated by Rosemary Price psychic.

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