What is Gymnema from Avesta?
Gymnema from Avesta is known as Gymnema Sylvestre scientifically and Meshashringi herb in Sanskrit. The other name ‘gumar’ for Gymnema literally means ‘the sugar destroyer’, which is the primary use of Gymnema. The Ayurvedic Practitioners believe chewing of Gymnema leaves prevents the tongue’s ability to taste sweet foods; at the same time suppresses glucose absorption from the intestine, thereby controlling the sugar levels in the blood. Gymnema herb has anti-allergic, anti-viral and lipid lowering activity. It is used to treat the diabetes, as it said that few chemicals from Gymnema Sylvestre reduce the sugar present in stomach for absorption, it also improves the insulin level and restrict the excess dietary fat absorption.

Gymnema from Avesta - Natural herbal remedy to maintain normal sugar levels and healthy function of Pancreas

Gymnema from Avesta helps in removing sugar from pancreas, thereby restoring normal pancreatic functions. Here the component naming Gymnemic acid having hypoglycemic effect that raise the insulin level and lowers the blood sugar to treat the diabetes mellitus. Gymnema is also useful in treating swollen glands, cough and fever. Gymnema Sylvestre herbal cure significantly reduces the metabolic effects of sugar by preventing the intestines from absorbing the sugar molecules during the process of digestion. Due to the change in the absorption of sugar, a consequent change in the blood sugar level is observed. It is used from long time in the treatment of water retention, stomach problems and constipation. Recent studies have proven the benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre herb in weight loss and breast cancer, bears radio-protective activity.


It is advised to take one capsule, twice a day or as directed by your physician.


Gymnema from Avesta is not for use by individuals with low blood sugar. Individuals taking oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin may need to adjust their dosages. Not for use during pregnancy. If nursing or taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Side Effects:

No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.

Benefits of Gymnema from Avesta:

  • Gymnema from Avesta Ayurceutics is a natural remedy to treat diabetes mellitus.
  • Avesta Ayurceutics Gymnema herbal cure maintains healthy pancreatic functions and improves functioning.
  • Avesta Gymnema is very useful in treating swollen gland.
  • Gymnema Avesta is effective in conditions like Cough and Fever due to its antiviral properties.
  • Gymnema from Avesta Ayurceutics helps to maintains normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Avesta Gymnema also supports healthy liver function.
  • The sugar destroying property of Gymnema also helps to lose weight.
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Gymnema from Avesta also known as Gymnema Sylvestre helps to maintain normal blood sugar level and promotes healthy function of pancreas.