A Learning Management System (LMS) is an investment in your workforce and the future of your organization. Its tools give you the ability to integrate large and flexible training LMS programs with your work that also adapt to your unique needs.

LMS helps you grow by providing strong learning opportunities, a comprehensive onboarding program, and a path to professional development for your employees. LMS pricing is an important factor if your training program is within budget and leaves room for growth.

How Much Does an LMS Cost?
Answering the question of how much does a learning management system costs we can say that learning management systems are used in businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations. The differences between customers in these markets are huge, so the LMS software pricing solutions can vary from one another.

It is common for LMS solutions to use a SaaS pricing model where customers pay for the features they use. But some vendors provide a one-year or one-time license.

Here are four standard LMS pricing methods:

Per student, per month. This method is the most popular, monthly payment for each student. This indicator is calculated from all users of the system, or active users who have been enrolled in the courses. Account creation fees may also apply. In addition, sellers may require an annual payment, even if prices are for one month. The fees are typical $5 or less per student per month. Small and medium-sized businesses with generalized training requirements are best suited.
Per student, per use - LMS solutions can include more features than the business requires. This model allows you to select only the required parts of the software and pay only for using them. It can also mean that you will be charged for modules, the number of active accounts, or the content you use. Prices range from $1 to $10 per student use. This option is ideal for companies where there is no need for regular employee training.
Per course - Some LMS providers have a course fee option for employees who require specific certification for their industry or position. Providers can have content available in an internal library or partner with third parties to deliver lessons through their LMS platform. This pricing option has elements of a per-student, per-use pricing model, but with premium pricing for specialized content. Compliance industries with students who must be certified, such as human resources, health, or safety, are best suited for this option.
License fee - Companies can purchase a license to install LMS software onsite. The license fee can be paid annually or in advance as a one-time payment. There are often additional LMS costs for installation, data migration, and training, and there may be a per-student charge. License fees are typically between $450 and $25,000, and installation can cost over $30,000. This pricing model is best suited for medium to large businesses with an existing data center and in-house IT staff.
How to Create an Educational App

How to calculate the cost of LMS development?
If you want to develop a large and complex LMS, you should create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test features and add new capabilities. Most developers charge an hourly fee for their services, so we have put together a rough outline of the development stages with the number of hours it will take to implement them and the average cost of learning management systems:

30-90 hours for business process analysis;
30-90 hours to build the platform architecture;
45-75 hours to create several design options and introduce improvements;
45-90 hours to create the UI/UX;
35 hours for integration;
25 hours for testing.
It will also take the development team’s time to review code, manage projects, install third-party tools, create media or content, etc. This will add another 300-400 hours, depending on the size of your system.

Companies charge between $50 and $250 per build hour, for a total learning management system price of $25,000 to $100,000, excluding server costs. You will also need ongoing maintenance, the cost of which ranges from $45 to $200 per hour. Depending on your needs, the cost can start from $1000 per month...


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