GoFundMe is the most trustworthy free online crowd funding site currently which has seen over  $5 Billion raised to date. Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a given amount, more so via the Internet.

In the year 2016, AvaCare Medical did partner with the GoFundMe platform, the world's number one crowd fundraising site, for purposes of assisting the elderly, incapacitated individuals and their caregivers in sourcing for funds for medical support, supplies and equipment.

AvaCare Medical's involvement in an eligible fundraiser campaign is basically in two ways;

  1. They will campaign on behalf of the fundraiser by spreading the word to a large audience.
  2. AvaCare medical also covers the last remaining 10% of the campaign efforts.

So as for a campaign to be eligible for this support, the fundraising should be for medical supplies or equipment available on Avacare Medical.

Therefore in the event that you or a loved one requires assistance in getting funding for the medical related items that are needed, one simply generates a campaign on the GoFundMe platform, then sends AvaCare Medical the link to the campaign, and they will definitely cover the last 10% towards your new wheelchair, walking aid, accessibility home improvements, or any other medical related need.

Further to that, AvaCare Medical also will help to extend the coverage of the campaign in question campaign by running promotions to its large social media following increasing the chances of having a successful campaign.

Therefore in the event that your aging parent requires a walking aid or scooter be able to have a more independent and comfortable life but the cost of acquiring one is outside their reach, simply build a campaign on GoFundMe website. After doing this let AvaCare Medical be aware of your campaign by sharing the link with. Also be sure to share the campaign with your friends while AvaCare Medical also shares it with their large base of followers and they will take care of the last 10% of the cost towards the verified cause.

Steps To Start A Fund Raising Campaign Supported By Avacare

The following are steps on how to go about starting a campaign with the support of AvaCare Medical.

  1. You need to start off by creating a campaign on GoFundMe page.
  2. Be sure to let people know exactly what is being purchased and and the reason behind it. Ensure that this is clearly laid out and explained in your campaign in order to make it successful.
  3. Send an email to AvaCare Medical to notify them of your campaign. Be sure to share with them a link to your GoFundMe campaign page.
  4. Last but not least, ensure that you share the campaign widely with your family, friends and community through any available means possible and begin to receive donations immediately.
  5. AvaCare Medical will of course also share your campaign and promote it to their wide following.

Example of a successful AvaCare Medical and GoFundMe initiative

Jamie Spinello was fighting for her life on a daily basis, but she could not afford to fight anymore.

Jamie, a customer of AvaCare Medical who lives in Varnville, SC, is fighting multiple illnesses and is terminally ill. At 5'7" and 63 lbs, she relied on multiple daily IV transfusions and countless medications to stay alive and she barely had enough money to cover these important medical needs. A campaign was started which allowed Jamie to been given sole access to the funds collected in this campaign and 100% of all donations went directly toward Jamie's medical treatments and medications.

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.