Depending on the needs of internal or external clients, your event may require working with any number of vendors to achieve your goals. But when does a vendor become more like a partner? Is there a point where your contact becomes more valuable to you than just a point of transaction? Of course, the answer to this question varies depending on how critical that service is to the success of the event, and also on how confident you are with that particular aspect as well. However, technology is repeatedly developing and requires dedicated attention to stay as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing on best practices. As AV production specialists, Future’s Past Events needs to find the best ways to deliver your message to a live audience. And since audio visual is usually one of the top three costs for any event, it is our responsibility as an event planner to extract as much value from it as possible.

If you are looking for an AV production provider should know the following things:

Take an AV Production as an Ideal Partner
The best way to start this type of conversation is to decide what an ideal partnership with an AV production team looks like. To do so, we’ve spoken to several of our long-term clients to hear from them what they value most in the relationship as part of our annual training program. What we noticed was that each of their answers certainly differed, but that there were three common threads.

– Performance: It all has to be right. You have to know that you cant have a partnership if your AV production team doesn’t deliver. It could be due to systematic flaws, poor planning or communication, or just an inclination towards costly mistakes – the ability to deliver a quality service that meets your expectations is really the first pillar of a partnership.

– Consistency/Reliability: It isn’t enough to only provide one good experience. Future’s Past Events as an AV production take it a step further by keeping the same pool of technicians dedicated to working with each group. From that, we’ve learned that familiarity both in point of contact and in the faces our clients see onsite generates confidence that they know what they’re getting.

– Digital creativity: Especially for partners who constantly have to fight “last year syndrome”. In any case, a true AV production like Future’s Past events are always a resource to help revamp an event, offer new ideas on brand activations, or to design and build a unique experience for guests.

Reducing Costs
Another point that you should have to know is seeing your AV production provider as a partner, which also offers cost benefits as well.


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Blerina Laska