As the calendar says, fall has arrived. However, that does not mean your lawn care routine can fall by the wayside in Florida. Residential lawn care in Brevard County is a year-round task, and understanding how to care for your lawn through the colder fall and winter months may mean a stronger, greener lawn in the spring and summer months. The following tips can help with your lawn care.

Your Lawn is Thirsty!

As with mowing, you can slack off a bit with your watering routine, but your grass does still need some attention. In most cases, you need about three-quarters of an inch of water every ten days. If it’s not raining enough to satisfy your lawn, plan to water it thirty to forty minutes a week, depending on the season. The amount needed will drop as winter approaches, but setting a schedule now will help ensure your lawn has the water it needs to grow through the winter.

Mowing Doesn’t End With Cooler Weather

One mistake many make is to stop mowing their lawns as the cooler months arrive. You’ll certainly mow your lawn far less often than you may have in the warmer months, but you’re still going to want to handle that task. Your lawn’s upward growth phase has now slowed down a bit, and it’s growing more laterally than outwardly. That said, though, mowing your lawn every other week is still going to be essential to maintain a healthy appearance.

Control Weeds Now

Make certain your lawn care service applies a pre-emergent weed control product to help control any weed problems throughout the fall and winter months. In most cases, this should seriously reduce any problems you may see, but if they do appear despite the application, go ahead and pull them by hand. While many residential lawn care service companies are willing to provide you with a post-emergent weed control application, your lawn may actually stay healthier through these colder months without it.

Pest Control

In most cases, insect problems within your lawn are only a problem during the summer. IN the fall, you might see problems like mole crickets, though. If you do notice a problem, contact your lawn care service or a good Brevard County pest control service like Slug-A-Bug to help you identify the problem and come up with a plan of action. Simply buying the first pesticide you see at the local big box hardware store is not only completely unnecessary, it’s the most irresponsible way to deal with pests. It could hurt your lawn, too.

A carefully maintained lawn stores up the food reserves it needs to survive over the winter months. You want your lawn to build healthy root systems while it spends the next few months recovering from the summer growing season, and utilizing tips like these, as well as those your professional lawn care service may provide for you, are the perfect way to ensure your lawn remains healthy throughout the year, not just during the traditional spring and summer growing seasons.

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Article Source: Slug-A-Bug