An indispensable operation in health care facilities, clinics, and laboratories, sterilization is necessary for all instruments that cut through soft tissue and bone as well as for those that come into contact with tissues. Autoclaves, which feature pressurized steam sterilization to kill bacterial spores, are now the preferred choice over heat and chemical sterilizers. There are many brands of automatic autoclaves available for your sterilization needs. Choosing the right brand and model is important when it comes to improving the efficiency and hygiene of your practice or laboratory.

Features of an Automatic Autoclave

The most important capability of an autoclave is its ability to achieve the temperature necessary to kill all spores. Automatic models come with thermochromic indicators that change color to show that the required temperature has been reached. They require no special power or plumbing to function. Branded models of this piece of laboratory equipment come with a host of commendable features:

• Stainless steel exterior for easy cleaning
• Electro-polished chamber and door
• Front mounted controls for easy accessibility and operation
• Doors lock automatically and will not open until the pressure is exhausted
• Double safety locking
• Overheat cutoff
• Drain valve
• Dual safety thermostat and overpressure valve
• Low-level water alarm

Premium Quality Fully Automatic Model

BioClave Mini Benchtop Research Autoclave, 120V from Benchmark Research Products is a full automatic model that features touch-button start. It is programmed to meet basic sterilization needs. This model is extremely compact and ensures rapid and complete sterilization. It makes the steam sterilization of research tools and consumables easy and convenient.

It can fit on even the most crowded benchtop. However, its stainless steel sterilization chambers are spacious and can easily hold a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware and other common laboratory items. This model features a mechanical and electrical safety interlock to prevents the door from being opened until the optimal pressure is reached.

This model also features large digital displays and fully automatic operation for all parts of the sterilization cycle – from fill and sterilize to exhaust and dry. The economical BioClave Mini is the ideal choice for benchtop sterilization in a setting with space constraints.

Find the Lab Equipment to Meet Your Specific Requirements

You can find automatic autoclaves to meet your sterilization needs in many different models at a reputable online laboratory equipment store. Purchase from an established dealer is highly advisable as it is easy to check out the inventory and place an order for the model that would work for you. A trusted dealer also ensures efficient maintenance service to minimize downtime.

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