It makes perfect sense for me as an Energy Psychologist, that when approaching an autoimmune case in a natural, wholistic way, where an individual’s body is starting to work against itself, that I discover somewhere in that person a deep feeling of deserving to be hurt - an unworthiness to be healthy.

If this sounds far fetched, then consider that this is the case for many of the clients with whom I work for autoimmune support. I’d like to share more about the possible causes of these feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, self-depreciation.

An obvious cause that I often identify early in taking a client history is that of abuse or perceived abuse. In a very sensitive individual well-meaning discipline, scolding, criticism of any kind, among other normal family and parenting processes may be felt as personal abuse. And, remember that abuse can come in many forms to each unique individual, so what appears normal to one person may be perceived as abusive by another.

In your early life if you ascertained or felt like some behavior toward you was abusive, then it was. And, if you saw others around you abused and you related deeply with their pain, you might have taken on their energy with the added emotion of guilt – why were they hurt and you were not? You may feel that none of you deserved better.

You may also have experienced real traumatic abuse of some kind. It could have been physical, emotional, sexual abuse that did happen, and maybe has since appeared in your life as a repeated energetic cycle. The earliest event as well as those subsequent episodes on some level might have made you feel that you deserved abuse, that you were unworthy of respect, and thus, you lost any sense of self-respect and esteem that you might have had previously.

In all of these cases your boundaries were not respected. Your territory was encroached upon. You were consciously and subconsciously made to feel bad about yourself.

All of this took its toll on your third chakra personal power center as well as the meridians associated with that central trunk area of your body: the Earth element meridians of the spleen, pancreas, and stomach; and the Fire element meridians of the heart, thyroid, adrenals, and other glands. You probably felt lots of fear related to the abusive episodes: kidney meridian; and, if you were strong enough, you might have felt anger and resentment concerning the abuse: gall bladder and liver meridians. Looking at this profile, there seems to be a lot to work with from an energy therapy perspective.

To start taking the edge off of your inner anguish, get centered and begin to recall memories of past abuse.

As you’re thinking of a memory, start tapping at the heart center area. This is unique to my work and is a powerful tapping or holding area to connect with deep subconscious issues. Put your index finger at your Thymus Point, which is in the center of your upper chest, right in the middle of the ribcage. Then your middle finger goes where a woman’s cleavage would be and the other two fingers directly below that in a vertical line between the breasts. You’ve got your four fingers on one hand stretched out in a vertical line accessing your High Heart Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Central Meridian. Just gently tap there.

Tap and feel the sensation. Feel the emotion of your trauma, abuse, disappointment, or any kind of related shame. Feel some of the residue from any of these as you tap and breathe out the charge, the heaviness, the old negativities around the memory. This was in the past. You have survived. Your future is bright and can be even better now that you are letting go of the pain of the past.

As you feel whatever it is you’re feeling, gauge what your charge is, the emotional charge, from zero = I remember or have heard the story but don’t have any charge, to a ten = I am feeling quite emotional now about this memory. Label your number on the stress scale, from zero to ten. Feel the emotion and breathe it out. Go back to a memory or put yourself in somebody else’s place. Feel what they must have been going through that you inherited. If you know you’ve got issues of worthiness or self-esteem or self-hate or shame or self-criticism or any level of lack of being able to forgive yourself, just focus on that right now. Just be there.

I want you to be able to use the setup statement for Classical EFT, which includes, “Even though this feels bad,” and you name it and feel it, “I deeply and completely love and appreciate myself.” If you have any doubt about that, any resistance to saying that part, then focus on your reluctance to say that and how you feel about it, and tap on the heart center area as you feel and say the following statements out loud.

I love myself.

I respect myself.

I deeply and completely accept myself.

I know that in each moment, I do the best that I can do.

I know that I’m human and I sometimes make mistakes.

I know that in every moment, I do the best that I can do.

I love myself.

I always do the best I can do in every moment.

I choose to love myself more.

I choose to talk nicely to myself.

I choose to turn down the volume on that self-critic.

I choose to love myself.

Again, you are looking at why you might be feeling bad about yourself, why the subconscious may be hanging onto this abuse-based criticism, self-hate, shame,low self-esteem, and sense of worthlessess. You’re clearing it now as you tap and feel.

Next go to the side of the hand between the wrist and the base of the little finger. You can tap both hands together, or use the fingers on one hand to tap on the Karate Chop Point. I want you to focus on any of the scenarios that I’ve drawn out for you, any early abuse that you might have experienced. Feel your emotion around this as you think about past memories and tap on the side of your hand. You can use your own words while tapping this potent “set-up” point, using the following statements as models to bring out your feelings about the issues you wish to clear:

Even though I know I have this issue in my subconscious . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept myself.

I know I’ve done the best I could do in every moment.

Even though this issue may be causing this autoimmune in me . . .

. . . may be causing the symptoms that are hurting me . . .

. . . may be causing my body to attack itself . . .

. . . I deeply and completely accept myself.

I know that my body is truly trying to protect me and keep me healthy.

Maybe there is some reason that the body has turned against me.

I choose to let go of that now.

There is a part of my Being that already knows
why this autoimmune condition has shown up.

This part of my Being is willing to share the information with the rest of me now.

My mind and body and spirit are receiving this information and integrating it.

I am feeling grateful that this information will help me rebalance.

I am grateful that there is part of me that knows how to heal.

I am open to integrating this information in all parts of myself now.

I’m receiving and integrating this information with grace and ease.

This will help me to take better care of myself in the future.

This will help me to attract the right information and assistance so that I can get well.

This information transfer is now complete.

I will continue to receive pertinent information so that I may know how to heal.

I choose to love myself.

I choose to love myself even though others abused me.

It is good for me to love myself.

It is healthy for me to love myself.

I choose to let go of the past hurts.

I choose to get well.

It is good for me to get well.

I deserve to get well.

My body wants to get well.

God wants me to get well.

Now continue to tap on the other Classical EFT points, one-by-one, while feeling the charge of past memories of abuse. You need not say anything while tapping. Stay on each point as you feel the charge of your thoughts and memories… until you feel a shift or the charge goes down to neutral. You might feel lighter or even a little “spacey” as the emotional charge lessens. Then go to the next tapping point and again feel the charge until it neutralizes. Do this for each of the tapping points.

At the end of the session make sure to drink lots of water and take good care of yourself for the twenty-four hour period while your meridians continue to recalibrate. An Epsom Salts bath will support your continued clearing.

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Dr. Anne Merkel, Energy Psychologist and student of Energy Medicine & Naturopathy, specializes in supporting clients with autoimmune disorders. She also trains and certifies Health & Wellness Practitioners to incorporate Energy Therapy modalities into their practices.. Learn more at: or .