The Growing Rise in Autoflowering Cannabis Strains.

There has always been developments in the world of Cannabis seeds.since the rise of "Neder" Weed,with the arrival of the Super Skunk Strains,the Cannabis Seed Breeders are constantly developing new strains and improving old one's. The arrival of the Feminised seeds,was,at first labelled as a gimmick,however now Feminised Cannabis Seeds are pretty much the norm from all Seed Banks,in fact,recent figures show that Feminised Seeds are now more popular than their regular counter-parts.

Over the last couple of years a new form of Cannabis has broken into this market. Lowryder from Joint Doctor Cannabis Seeds,was one of the first of the new breed of Automatic Flowering Cannabis. first thought of as a gimmick,the explosion in demand for these new Autoflowering Seeds has taken the market by storm.

It is commonly excepted that the Lowryder "opened" the door for the flood of Auto Strains that followed.Buddha Seeds created the White Dwarf and between these two strains,vastly diversified strains of Automatic Flowering Cannabis were created.

So why the sudden interest in these Auto Seeds? The main advantage of Autoflowering Seeds is they flower in any photo period,in fact,the more and longer hours of light,the better they perform.They generally stay small to medium height,meaning they are ideal for outdoor pots,balcony's and window boxes,meaning,if your laws permit,you can grow these plants anywhere.In warmer climates as many as 3 crops may be harvested from May to September. It seems that in only a few short years,the Automatics have proved that they are not a gimmick,or some strange little novelty act,but a new and different form of Cannabis Plant,with a totally new style of growing needed.

It is hardly surprising then,that the major Seed Bank's are investing a lot of time and money into producing new and exciting strains of Auto Cannabis,in order to supply the ever growing demand. Breeders are teaming up in order to cross,and back-cross their strains with established Automatic Strains,resulting in a constant supply of new Auto Strains.

Some of the latest strains are:

Auto Moscow. Seedsman. An inbred cross of a Lowryder 2 from Joint Doctor,with a White Russian mother,from Serious Seeds.Unlike some of the more compact Auto's,this one grows quite tall,reaching around a metre in height,good lateral branching ensures a reasonable yield.Like it's "White" mother, this one grows covered in resin.

Auto Lemon. Seedsman. New Joint development between, Greenhouse Cannabis Seeds Company and Joint Doctor.Auto Lemon is a 2 way inbred cross from a Lemon Skunk (Greenhouse) and a Lowryder 2 Male.This hybrid has medium growth with very little side branching, preferring to grow one main spear-like cola.It retains its citrus aspects.

Auto Kaya 47. World of Seeds. New,medium-sized plant that can branch out profusely if nourished correctly. Taking between 70-80 days after sowing to be mature for harvesting,Auto Kaya 47 gives a good yield, and offers resistance to mould.It has a sweet aroma and fruity taste.
These are just 3 of the new Autoflowering Strains that are available today,through us at Auto Seeds Bank.The list is growing by the day,so whether it's an Indica, or a Sativa that does it for you, you can guarantee that there is an Autoflowering alternative.

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