Mark your calendars, because Steven Lee Jones and Ben S. will be launching the much anticipated Auto Traffic Xploit on February 28th! But before you even think of buying it, you should read into what type of internet marketer Steven is.

Steven initially was a Forex trading expert who released a handful of successful products such as Forex Raptor and Forex Espionage.

However, Steven didn’t stop there–he began to focus on traffic generating techniques and released Traffic Anarchy, which sold like hotcakes. Thus, he grabbed the attention of today’s top affiliate marketers and allowed himself to be well known throughout the internet marketing world.

Auto Traffic Xploit is expected to be huge since Traffic Anarchy proved to deliver massive traffic. Being a previous customer myself, I can vouch that it does actually work. However, his other product, Crazy ClickBank Cash, was a complete waste of my money!

The Crazy ClickBank Cash software didn’t offer me anything new, since the traffic generation strategies in it were the same, repetitive and widely known techniques. That’s why I’m really curious about how Auto Traffic Xploitis going to turn out.

Honestly, I don’t know who “Ben S.” is, but I hope he will be a fine contributor to Auto Traffic Xploit’s quality. I’d like to think he is relatively unknown in the internet marketing world because he never revealed his success stories or methods.

One of my theories is that he had several proven traffic generation exploits that Steven didn’t know about, and they became partners since they would both benefit from the combination of Steven’s large internet marketing presence and Ben’s underground traffic generation methods. Wouldn’t that be nice?

My other theory is they know that the key to making money online is to drive targeted traffic to a particular niche, so selling another traffic generation product would attract many internet marketers who have trouble in this department. I’m afraid that Auto Traffic Xploit may “xploit” our desperation instead.

Being a victim of countless “make money online” scams, I worry that Steven Lee Jones and Ben S. will hand us another one, seeing how ridiculous Crazy ClickBank Cash was.

Just like the music industry, there will be sell-outs who end up writing the same, boring material once they have their fans hooked, just to make extra money. I can’t guarantee you that Steven and Ben S. won’t do the same.

For people who also share my concern, I’ll be writing a comprehensive review when I buy it on Feb. 28th. Additionally, I will be giving free bonuses for those who purchase Auto Traffic Xploit, just in case it turns out to be the wrong product for them.

The point is, you should always look beyond the sales page and do some research on the seller(s) before buying the product. To save you the time and energy, I dedicated a blog called Auto Traffic Xploit Review for your convenience, so be sure to check it out for more information.

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