The majority of driving schools in Australia offer both manual and automated vehicles for making their learners ready for the driving lessons. Unlike the US and Europe market, the Australian automobile market has shifted towards the automatic cars in the last few years. As per the data and information collected from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and VicRoads show that the new drivers are also inclining towards getting the lessons through automatic vehicles.

  • Not Every State in Australia has the Same License Consideration

However, it's not only a matter of learning to drive alone. The learner has to go out on the roads with their cars, and many of them actually buy one after they are done with their driving lessons. Different license considerations apply to different states in Australia. While a section among those states issue driving license only for automatic vehicles if the lesson, as well as driving test, are taken using automatic cars, there are other states too where learners become eligible for manual as well as automatic licenses when the driving test is over.

  • Is there any Driving License Consideration in Victoria?

In Victoria, the drivers who want to drive a manual car post their driving test in automated vehicles without going for a retest needs to get the full license at first. It means, the learners need to wait for at least 3 years before their probationary period for P1 and P2 licenses are over. It indeed indicates, if you are opting for driving lessons in Melbourne, it is mandatory that you consider these factors of licensing.

  • Why Have Automatic Driving Lessons Become So Popular in Australia?

It has been seen time and again that the new learners in Australia always prefer to get their lessons in an automatic module. The biggest reason behind it is, of course, the fact that automatic lessons are easy to learn. It enables the learners to learn faster than the time they might have to spend on manual lessons.

Automatic vehicles are always a good choice for those who do not want any hassle as they move forward with the lesson plan. Engaging the clutch or working with the gear sticks perfectly is never an easy task for those who are sitting behind the steering wheel for the first time.

  • Keep the Cost Factor in Mind

Nothing good comes for free and in the case of automatic driving lessons, you ought to spend extra dollars for sure. The automated vehicles are far more expensive compared to manual cars. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is quite a bit on the higher side.

The Verdict

Do you wish for a clear verdict on this matter? Well, it is recommended by the reliable driving instructor in Melbourne, starting off the lessons with an automated vehicle is always a better option when you have the chance to upgrade it later on. As soon as you end up honing the skills of controlling the steering wheel with two pedals, you will be able to include the gear and clutch into the equation quickly. You can have access to both automatic and manual vehicles in the driving schools. Talk to your instructors and go for a suitable decision.

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The author is a renowned driving instructor in Melbourne offering both automated and manual driving lessons in Melbourne for a long time now and has in-depth knowledge about the best choice for any learner.