The auto industry is the industry which manufactures motor vehicles ranging from Cars to Mopeds; it's one of the top industries in terms of economic revenues.
Auto logo designs are normally drawn from the work of the company. That is what a company is working on, that is, is it manufactured motor vehicles? Is it a part manufacturing company? Or is it a technical repairing company? Designing a different logo for different kind of business will give a different message to viewers.
Taking a look at some of the most famous companies of today will provide a better meaning of this article.
Let’s take a look at some of the automobile companies’ logos.
General Motors: It manufactures cars and trucks in approximately 31 countries and sells and services these vehicles in the other 4 regions of the world.
Its auto logo design is a simple GM underlined with a blue background. The blue color is famous for providing a soothing effect at the same time the underline makes the letters more prominent.
It’s a clean auto logo designed in a simple way.
Volkswagen: Volkswagen in German means people’s car. It was founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche. If we look at the logo of Volkswagen, we will see 2 letters that are 'V' on top of 'W'. The auto logo design is in circular form with blue circle enclosing letters with a silver circle in the middle.
The logo is in simple format clearly showing the meaning of its company.
Ferrari: Check out Ferrari’s logo, as describing it would be a waste of words as almost all people in the world know this car. The manufacturer logo design of the Ferrari is a shield sign with a horse in the middle.
The horse was initially the logo of the racing team and was later embed to the company as well. The horse in the emblem of the company depicts the speed and agility of the car. It also denotes the agility with which car moves. This is shown clearly the work of the company in the form of animal illustration.
In brief, like it was said above that the corporate logo designers need to know the specialized work of a company in the industry of automobile, before they start designing the auto logo design of that company. This will not only help them in completing the logo design properly without leaving any speck in design. But also help the company later on in marketing and strategy making of their prospects.

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