Even a low-speed car accident can cause injuries. That’s why you should consult a chiropractor after any crash.
Common injuries from car accidents include:
• Neck pain
• Whiplash
• Back pain
• Soft tissue damage
A chiropractor will diagnose your injuries and provide a treatment plan to help in the healing process. It’s important to note that the full extent of the injury may not be apparent until several days after the accident. Also, injuries sustained in a car accident may not be visible, such as damage to soft tissue, muscles, ligaments or disc. And once healed, the scar tissue can cause aches and pains in the future.
Damage to the spine can lead to:
• Headaches
• Stiffness
• Chronic muscle tension
If you experience back pain after an accident, that’s a sign that you should seek care from a chiropractor. If you can’t get to one immediately, apply cold packs of ice to the painful area until you can.
Sometimes, in the case of a mild injury, treatment as simple as massage will suffice. But sometimes more care is necessary. The chiropractor will provide an evaluation of the injuries that resulted from the accident. The evaluation is important for proceeding with the healing process and as documentation of the extent of your injuries. It will determine what you need to do in order to best treat your injuries.
Meanwhile, drink plenty of fluids and get rest. Auto injuries such as whiplash are draining on the body, which uses more energy to recover from a trauma.
Your chiropractor may refer you to other health care providers if necessary.
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