Amazon has over 260,000,000 (260 million) customers. All of them have credit cards. Let me introduce you and your book to them!

Right now, more authors are getting paid for their books than at any other time in history!

Welcome to the Golden Age of self publishing!

Right now is the most exciting time ever, to be an author. Here is why…

Let me start with Apple. Apple has trained us to purchase Apps on impulse for 99 cents to $2.99. This was not even part of our mindset ten years ago. For example ten years ago if you wanted to buy a good computer game, it cost you $50 and you would get a big box with a CD and an instruction manual. Also you had to order it and wait for it to arrive, or you had to go to a store to buy it. Now you just download it from the Apple App store for 99 cents, and you get it immediately.

We have now been trained to understand that if you want something digital, it will be inexpensive and immediate.

In 2012 people want instant access. They want it NOW and the want it CHEAP! People do not want to order a book and wait for it to arrive in the mail. Amazon understand this which is why one of their bylines for Kindle is:

“Start reading this book on your Kindle in under a minute.”

This appears every time you browse a book on Amazon.

Watch this five minute video to find out more:

The Level Playing Field

For the first time ever in the history of publishing, we as authors can compete with traditional publishers on a level playing field. In fact, we have an advantage! We do not have large overhead costs and a large lead time to publication.

We can actually make a profit selling our books for 99 cents! A publishing house with premises, staff, advertising costs etc cannot make a profit selling books for 99 cents!

Passive Income

If you have read my Lifestyle Book, you will know that the Holy Grail of maximising the ratio of income earned to time expended is passive income. In its simplest form, passive income is when money comes in regardless of whether you are asleep, on vacation, or in a coma.

The wonderful and powerful thing about being an author, is that once your book is up on Amazon, you have zero costs and the income you make is 100% passive income. It is therefore possible (in time) for you to earn a full time passive income from your writing.

This is an important point because for your writing to be sustainable you need to earn money from it. There are very few people who have the luxury of writing full time or even half time, and not getting paid for it.

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My New Book

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Oli Hille
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

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Oli Hille is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Personal Development book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” which was reviewed as the “Must have book of the century” (by Midwest Book Review, USA).