What does authentic living mean to you? The end of the year is a great time to look inside and give some thought to the topic.

An authentic woman (or man) brings an air of assurance, calm, poise, peace to a room or situation. They are living in congruency...meaning their words and actions are aligned with their thoughts, values and purpose. Do you know someone like this?

How do you become more authentic? As the ancient philosophers told us "know thyself". You may think, "well of course I know myself," but think again. You may know who society suggests you should be through t.v. commercials and glossy magazine ads. You may know yourself as your parents wished you to be.

Under all the messages you've received about yourself is the "real you". Your authentic self. The you that could wake up excited to start each day. The you who almost always is doing things you love to do. The you who brings authentic love to your relationships. The you who freely gives of your talents and reaps amazing prosperity. The you who doesn't hide your light.

How to uncover that you? It's always there...it just needs some silence and support to emerge...these are tools most folks don't take time to give themselves. I can guarantee you...that every successful person you know, every person who walks in the room being authentic does some or all of these things:

1. Pay attention to your inner world. A journal is a great way to start. Don't worry about getting the "right kind." Choose one that you can carry with you everywhere easily. Choose one that appeals to your senses...that you'll love picking up to write in.

Then just start. Write daily or a few times a week. Just make it a habit to visit your inner world and get some of your thoughts, observations, emotions and ideas on paper. As Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

2. Make a list of 25-50 things you'd like to be, do, have in the next 10 years. As Jim Rohn pointed out to me, we have about ten 10's in our lifetime. Make your next precious ten fantastic!

When you're making your list, ignore the resistance that occurs in the form of your inner critic saying you can't possibly be, do or have THAT. Just bless it for caring and shoo it away...then turn your thoughts back to the excitement and joy you feel as you imagine these things already here in your life.

Once you're done...mark 1 year, 5 year, 10 year next to each item showing when you will have it done. Then take 3-4 of your one year goals and map out the actions you need to do to get there (don't worry if you don't have all the "hows") sometimes the first step is to get information.

Look at your most important 5 and 10 year goals and determine if there are some steps that need to be taken this year to get them rolling.

Calendar out your actions for the next 3 months and get into action!

3. Find an authentic forum where you can be listened to and supported with ideas, contacts and genuine encouragement. When two or more come together amazing things, beyond what we can ever do alone, come to pass.

Don't let your dreams die in isolation. This is the thing I see the most in people who are struggling and it hurts my heart that they are not engaged in authentic living.

Let this next decade be YOUR time to live YOUR life. Your authentic life.

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