Authentic Victorian cast iron radiators can bring a real sense of period charm to your home. This is a great way to finish off rooms and create eye-catching features to make your interiors shine.

Period Design

If you want to create period interiors in your home then you will need to focus on details. Many people make the mistake of focusing on just the furnishings. You can create a really authentic feel if you extend your design ideas to the fixtures and fittings of the rooms as well including the radiators:

1. Originals - Victorian cast iron radiators are widely available from antiques dealers, reclamation yards and second hand stalls. When buying used Victorian cast iron radiators it is a good idea to choose ones that have been fully refurbished. This will help to ensure they are in fully working order.

2. Reproduction - You can also by brand new reproduction Victorian cast iron radiators from specialist heating suppliers. These new radiators are manufactured using traditional methods and offer a solid, reliable option for your home heating.

Fitting Period Radiators

Victorian cast iron radiators will be much heavier and bulkier than conventional radiators. This means you do need to spend some time planning your period heating system so that it fits comfortably into your home:

- The surface of Victorian cast iron radiators will get very hot to the touch. You will need to be careful about placing any furniture close to them.

- If you have young children or vulnerable adults in your home then consider fitting radiator covers. These will prevent anyone from touching the hot surfaces accidently.

- If you already have a heating system in place them it makes sense to follow this plan with your new period heating system. This will avoid the time and expense of moving pipes around.

- However your new Victorian cast iron radiators may not fit exactly in the same place as conventional radiators. You may have to juggle the position of the new radiators so that they fit more comfortably in the room.

- Victorian cast iron radiators are bulky so you will not be able to fit them behind doors or under low windows in most cases.

- However as they are very heat efficient you can often get away with a smaller period radiator. This makes it easier for you to fit them into rooms with more limited space available.

- If you really are having trouble fitting Victorian cast iron radiators into rooms then you should consider custom services.

- Custom made reproduction period radiators are widely available and you will be able to request a size and shape that will fit into tight spaces.

For example if you have a low window you can get a long, narrow radiator designed that will fit into the limited wall space available under the window.

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Victorian cast iron radiators can bring a sense of charm and elegance to all kinds of rooms. This is a great way to create an authentic period feel in your property without spending a fortune.