An upward movement in the business relationship among countries worldwide has increased the demand for business visa applications. Australia is among those high performing countries drawing business travelers for engaging in business activities with multinational companies. Indian companies send their employees to Australia on Australia business visa for various business purposes like conducting a high-end business meeting with Australian clients, participate in conferences or trade fairs, negotiate deals etc. Therefore, a need to apply for Australia business visa has gone up to serve these agendas. The stable economic stature of the Australian continent makes it a lucrative destination for business engagement and investment. An ideal business-friendly environment with favorable rules and regulation is what most companies look up to for ease of work. The short sheds some light into the minutiae of Australia business visa application and the document checklist.

Document Checklist for Australia Business Visa

A quick look through the list of documents can be helpful while making an application for an Australia business visa.

Applicant’s Documents

Copies of all pages of current passport
Photograph with specification 35–45mm, 70–80% of the photograph in the white background
6 month’s salary statements with bank seal and signature
Bonafide letter from employer
Pay slips for last 6 months
Income Tax Returns or Form 16 A.
Flight reservation and hotel booking
Company Documents

Company registration document
Company bank statements for 6 months
Company ITR for last 3 years
Company Covering Letter on letterhead validated by the signatory authority
Company Brochure if available

Inviter’s Documents

Invitation Letter from inviter stating the details related to the business meetings, dates, a brief background of the inviting company etc
Day-to-day Business Agenda in Australia
Conference registration document if attending business conferences in Australia
Having the proper document checklist may provide a stronghold on the subject. Confused about when to start gathering the documents? Try to gain a deeper understanding of the Australia business visa application process. Everything will fall into place. Visit the page to have a better understanding of the visa process.

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