Commercial comparable sales data is essential for Austin real estate professionals in making reasoned decisions regarding buying, selling and financing real estate. Accurate and timely commercial comparable sales data provides investors, brokers, lenders and appraisers the edge and advantage they need to efficiently make prudent decisions. Real estate professionals in Austin, Texas regularly rely on commercial comparable sales data from when making decisions and preparing documentation. offers the largest volume of data and widest geographic breadth of data available for Texas:
Commercial comparable sales in Austin
Comparable land sales in Austin
Commercial comparable sales in Texas
Comparable land sales available in Texas has commercial comparable sales and land sales data for: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Odessa, Midland, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, Longview, Texarkana, Victoria, El Paso and many other Texas cities.

Real estate professionals regularly utilize commercial comparable sales data from for the following purposes:
Obtaining comparable sales when preparing an appraisal
Documentation when preparing a package offering a commercial property for sale
Reviewing the asking price of property being offered for sale
Evaluating the sales history of property be considered as collateral or as an acquisition candidate
Determining trends for market value within a submarket or metropolitan area
Analyzing capitalization rates within a sub market
Preparing a ratio study for property tax purposes
Establishing the asking price for property being offered for sale
Analyzing the proposed market value of collateral for property being offered for collateral
Austin commercial comparable sales data includes information regarding sales of warehouses, retail buildings, office buildings, land, apartments, car washes, community shopping centers, malls, neighborhood shopping centers, discount stores, department stores, medical offices, banks, funeral homes, veterinary clinics, day care centers, drugstores, country clubs, cold storage facilities, service center warehouses, auto salvage yards, schools, churches, hospitals, self store storage properties, hotels, nursing homes, retirement homes, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, bars, auto dealerships, automotive service properties, and truck stops.

Appraisers generally agree that the comparable land sale and the subject property must have the same highest and best use. While there may be extreme cases where it is not possible to find properties which have the same highest and best use as the subject property, it would be extremely difficult to adjust for differences in economic benefit between parcels which have a different highest and best use. Performing a credible and reliable valuation of land using the sales comparison approach requires comparable sales with the same highest and best use as the subject property.

Comparable land sales with a date of sale near the effective date of valuation are highly desirable. However, in most cases the appraiser is required to evaluate the benefit of using sales which are more similar with regard to location and size versus sales which are chronologically more similar to the effective date of valuation. There is no clear-cut answer to determining which sales are most effective for valuing the subject property. In some cases, it is possible to extract an adjustment for market conditions (based upon a matched pair sales analysis) and utilize sales which occurred substantially before or after the effective date of valuation.
A dedicated staff compiles commercial comparable sales data and land sales data for properties throughout Texas. Additional data is obtained, reviewed, supplemented and added to daily.

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