The New Moon on the 2nd offers many opportunities for you to expand both your personal and professional social circles. New friends acquired under these rays will prove to be loyal. Plus, they’ll inspire you to stretch your underlying creative talents. With Mars entering your zone of Ideas on the same day, for the month you’ll be brimming with dynamic concepts begging to be developed. Try not to scatter your energies. Instead pick one or two jewels from the treasure of ideas and develop them. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th can make things a little bit unstable with romantic concerns. Libras with children may find them to be quite rebellious. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all conspire to bring an element of mystery and secrecy into love affairs. Best to keep all intimate details concerning your beloved private.

Long term career goals take center stage in your life due to the New Moon on the 2nd. Filled with a passionate desire to achieve the deserved recognition which has been blocked, you’ll be propelled to go after it. Mars enters your Zone of Income for the entire month, adding fuel to the fire for more money and status. While the Warrior Planet transits can really activate you to earn more, he can also get you to spend more too. Avoid speculative investments and expensive purchases on the 24th and 26th. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th can make you very dissatisfied with your home or at odds with family members. Put off any home purchases during these rays. What you’re attracted to under an eclipse, you will regret later. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter during August has you reconnecting with friends and making new ones. Unattached Scorpions should ask friends to set them up. You may just meet the love of your life this way.

The New Moon on the 2nd covers Archers with wanderlust. Suddenly the call to travel is too much to ignore and you’re galloping off to a glamorous locale. Mars transiting Sagittarius for the month gives you a cosmic vitamin shot. You feel like all systems are “go”. Freedom to be and do what you want becomes vitally important. Some restrictions may be placed in your path on the 24th due to responsibilities you have ignored. Handle them with grace or pay the consequences later. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th can indicate some difficulties with siblings or neighbors. Delay purchasing a new auto or signing any contracts starting from the 8th and until after the Eclipse. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all smile upon your Career Zone for the month. The public will love you, welcome your message, and want to do business with you. Unashamedly promote yourself and your business and fill your pocketbook in the process.

Intense heights of intimacy can be reached this month between you and your beloved in both physical and emotional planes due to the New Moon on the 2nd. Also these rays are potent for devising an unbeatable financial strategy with business partners. Mars and Saturn will make you acutely aware of other peoples’ psychological issues. To deal with them effectively, avoid confrontations at all costs and involvement in secret intrigues. The 24th and 26th can prove to be especially trying in these regards. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th may try to seduce you into making foolish financial decisions. Avoid expensive purchases and risky investments. Venus has you giving a second glance to someone who didn’t interest you at all romantically in the past. Travel and all things exotic will bring you good luck this month especially on the 27th. Goats who are seeking to get their work published, should find much success.

The New Moon on the 2nd challenges you to share the spotlight with your lover or business partner. Remember the taste of applause is as intoxicating for them too. You’re going to be seeking stability in all close relationships and rejecting insincere advances. Mars challenges you to tread lightly where other people’s beliefs are concerned. Avoid trying to convert friends and associates to your staunch political beliefs. Instead, channel the energy into joining a group who espouses your views. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th tests your ability to be self-assertive and a leader but at the same time co-operative. Venus demands this month that you avoid the superficial in relationships and pursue intensity in love. The 27th offers some exceptionally lucky financial breaks.

If you’ve slipped into bad habits with eating unhealthy food, avoiding exercise, or not getting the proper amount of sleep, the New Moon on the 2nd can get you swimming in a better direction. By starting a fresh holistic regime now, you’ll have the tenacity to stick with it. Mars traveling through your Career Zone for the month, will turn you into a real dynamo at work. Take care though that you don’t let your unrestrained exuberance turn into bossiness. Your actions can be easily taken out of context and misconstrued on the job on the 24th and 26th. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th challenges you to keep shared confidences locked-up. There is a super line-up of planets in your zone ruling Relationships. Unattached Fish shouldn’t be wasting their time with anyone who isn’t able to commit. Swim to better waters and find the steadfast lover you desire. Self-employed Fish can hook some prosperous clients for their business.

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