While working from home is like a dream come true for many employees, it can also quickly become a nightmare for companies and organizations that must take on diverted, disengaged and unmotivated remote staff members. One of the perfect ways to engage the team is with the help of learning technologies.
Most employees simply love the idea of avoiding the daily morning commute and turning up from the comfort of their living room. However, the uniqueness of wearing pajamas to work wears off quickly and their attention begins to wander. While some think that it’s hard to concentrate on the task at hand, others may miss co-worker friendship and cohesiveness. Fortunately, there is an approach to change the tides and re-engage your geographically scattered and dispersed team. In fact, it may even be an opportunity to seize new online training opportunities that were not available before, such as exploring new tasks, widening their skills and bridging hidden knowledge gaps. Let us look at few things to consider for employee engagement while your team works from home during these unprecedented days of COVID-19 pandemic.
1.Live Online Events bring everyone together
Web conferencing software opens up a whole new and different opportunity of Online Training. Live Events and Workshops have become the need of the hour as they target specific performance issues or impart tips and tricks to build essential skills employees need at remote work. One of the noteworthy benefits of such online sessions is that they encourage two – way dialogue. Employees who work remotely still interact and co-operate with peers and online trainers from far off. They will be unable to get within one meter of each other, but video conferencing brings them face – to – face.
2.Virtual Classrooms offer the best of both Learning and Development
Virtual classrooms and online sessions provide structure without sacrificing flexibility. They sign in to the platform at the appointed time to take part in lively discussions and conversations, watch presentations and ask pressing questions. It is completely done through the video conferencing software with virtual meeting tools built – in. The online trainer can likewise follow up with home assignments such as self-evaluations or self-assessments and simulations that encourage practical application.
3.Peer support encourages emotional connectivity
Feelings and emotions are the essence of engagement. Employees must be able to discover importance in online training and see how it connects with their lives. Peer support such as training, coaching and mentoring forms this bond. It allows them to share their experiences, learn from peer mistakes and assess topics from different points of view while working from home. This might be in the form of groups, projects and ventures, discussion boards or live events. This will be highly effective if done with the assistance and guidance of a well – experienced trainer or moderator who can keep the discussion on – theme and once in a while post discussion starters.

4.Real – life activities bring back practical application
Something that’s frequently missing in work from remote locations is that the employees lack practical and pragmatic applications. They may master all the theories, policies, strategies and compliance protocols. But how do these training topics relate to their jobs? Real – life activities give them the opportunity to effectively utilize their knowledge, regardless of whether they are away from the workplace. This may be Online Live Video Trainings as well as simulations, conversations and expanding situations that effectively express the point on word proposed. The objective is to expose them to real – life challenges so that they don’t let their mental muscles, their problem – solving skills and critical thinking abilities slip by.
5.Use Online Training Resources to customize and increase profit margins
A great option to up-skill your team is to hire an Online E-Learning content provide to develop your custom support tools or even off-the-rack online training solutions that have everything you need to quickly deploy your virtual training strategy. For instance, one that covers all the core subject matter and you can incorporate your own branding elements.
Getting started and involved with an online training program with skill-building resources and team-building activities is just the beginning. Employees must be prepared and willing to participate in the online training programs and utilize the experience to get the most benefit from customized resources instead of letting their skills and talents stay stale. Working from home may withdraw them from their process, however it also makes the way for new online training opportunities, events, activities and social learning tests that connect with them on an emotional level and highlight areas for improvement.
Organizations need innovative solutions and arrangements so as to beat the difficulties and challenges of remote working and hold the high quality of their learning and development programs.

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