ATX Tax software hosting allows easy handing of complex tax issues.

Benefits Provided By ATX Software Hosting Service Provider

Main benefits provided by ATX Tax software hosting service provider are –
High Tech Solution

ATX software hosting service provider makes use of superior quality and latest servers which run on state of the art microprocessors. A cloud computing service provider uses tier four and Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 compliant data center facilities. Authentication process used by an ATX Tax hosting service provider may be simply defined as providing the right human being with the right privileges and the right access at the right point of time. In general, there are three different kinds of approaches to authentication. Starting from the least secure and least convenient to that which is most secure and most convenient, the approaches are as follows, viz., - something a person has such as card, token, key, etc; something a person knows such as personal identification number, password, etc; and something a person is, that is, a biometric. A combination of these different kinds of approaches further heightens the security. Using all these three for ATX Tax on cloud provides the highest form of data security.

Enhanced and Robust Data Backup

An ATX Tax host offers robust data backup and totally high tech data backup technology. A cloud hosting solution vendor offers monthly rolling and robust data backups.

Security Is Ensured by Host

ATX Tax hosting service vendor provisions high tech security with hosted ATX Tax software solution. A cloud computing service vendor offers facial recognition biometric technique. Although the idea of recognizing someone from facial features is intuitive in nature, facial recognition, when used as a biometric, makes recognition of a human being a more automated and computerized process. The main thing that sets apart facial recognition biometric technique from other biometric techniques is the fact that it can be used for surveillance purposes. For an example, public safety authorities need to locate certain individuals such as suspected terrorists, wanted criminals, and missing children. Biometric technique of facial recognition possesses the potential to help the public safety authorities with this important mission. Biometric technique of facial recognition offers a multitude of advantages. The system efficiently captures the faces of human beings in the public areas; this minimizes legal concerns. Moreover, as the faces of human beings can be captured from considerable distance away, the facial recognition method can be performed without any sort of physical contact. This feature also provides facial recognition a secret capability.

Twenty Four by Seven Support Services

Customers of an application hosting solution vendor get free of cost, friendly, and best in class twenty four by seven support services via highly experienced, trained, and certified technical support services’ staff. ATX Tax software on cloud provider’s clients enjoy the free of cost and real time support services via the help of the voice or audio chat, live remote desktop help, free phone call, etc.

Always-on Accessibility

ATX software hosting service provider offers always on accessibility for users located at anyplace. Customers get instant access through an active Internet connection to the hosted software from any place and at anytime.

Accessibility for Multiple Users

ATX Tax software hosting service provider offers the small or medium size enterprises the advantages of concurrent accessibility for their authorized users. Multiple numbers of users get secure, concurrent, and real time accessibility to the hosted application.

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James Watson is an IT analyst at Real Time Cloud Services which is a leading Cloud Computing and Application Hosting company. The company specializes in hosting many software including accounting software (QuickBooks Hosting, Peachtree), MS office, MS SQL Server, Tax software (ProSeries, Drake, Lacerte, ATX Tax Software), (ACT! Hosting), Windows Server, (SharePoint, Exchange), and also hosts many other software.