Whether you believe this or not but the photobooths are by far the most entertaining options you find at weddings. If you too are thinking of including this wonderful entertainment activity at none other than your reception make sure the corner is easy to use and that people will find it extremely amusing. However, your responsibility doesn’t end with getting this fun depot installed at a good location. What you need to ensure is that guests should get drawn towards the place and that they must be handed over with great snapshots at the end of the event, so that these keepsakes will remind them of all the fun they had at your wedding reception. Make sure the booth is all flooded with attractive props that matter the most if you want to add to the fervour of the event.

Finding the great wedding photo booth props

Anyone can get a photo booth installed at a wedding; the point is to ensure that the selection of props is absolutely unmatched. If you are still confused because you don’t know which props will go best with the booth and its theme, here are ideas you will like to be inspired from.


Turn the photo station into a glamour hub by introducing a wide range of glamorous props inclusive of gold foiled glasses, wands and much more. We would recommend that you pick props in a metallic palette. They will help contain the essence of the event.

Love birds

A wedding itself denotes the mark of a new journey with your partner. So, that the essence is maintained throughout the event, choose from the delightful lovebird theme as you pick props for the cheap photobooth hire in Sydney. The whimsical motifs will showcase fundamentals like romantic kissing lips, lovebirds and hearts.

Blown away

Another really amazing set of props we would suggest for the booth is the blown away theme. If the 2d props look mundane to you, just bring in balloon props. The fluffy balloons in fabulous themes are reusable.

Garden party

For your wedding to turn out gorgeous, we have the ultimate set of props for you. This particular bunch of props includes the prettiest motifs in floral cut-outs and prints. Check them out now.

Fall fete

Celebrations turn meaningful when you introduce classier and chic props into the wedding photo booth in Sydney. Celebrate the wedding mood with these beautiful thematic props. Meanwhile, the theme has a staunch look and feel of autumn.


To your surprise, here is a set of simple yet highly amusing props that will help guests to actually express their love for the event in customisable chalkboards with personalised messages on them.

Dress up

These playful accessories are somewhat the only enjoyable thing your guests have witnessed so far. The dress-up props are playful accessories in different cut-outs like hats, ties, glasses and moustache.

Pick sides

Now, you can see who is in your team and who is taking sides with your bride by introducing this funny set of props into the photobooth. Rendering a sort of competitiveness, the props are extremely funny things to have. They will give your guests the opportunity to choose sides.

For a flavourful wedding, there can’t be a better alternative than selecting the best of props which will make the event sassy and fun.

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