Including photobooths is the best way to stir-up fun at your event. In addition, you can create the best memories that will last a lifetime with the help of a photobooth. Especially an open photo booth can be a great attraction at your party. Also, with an open photobooth choosing a suitable background will make the party more enjoyable. However, choosing the perfect backdrop for your open photo booth can be difficult at times. 



Here are some backdrop suggestions for an open photo booth that will enlighten your party and make you the best host.

  • Physical Backdrop

A physical backdrop is more extensive with an open photo booth. You can set up a smiley station that will be beneficial in taking wider full-length shots. Also, you can opt for fabric photo booth backdrop, as these are more effective. You can get more options on physical backdrops for an open photo booth in Melbourne, which is given below:

  • Mermaid sequin backdrops: These are a very popular type of backdrops that adds glamour to every event. Moreover, this type of backdrop enables guests to make simple words and patterns with glitter.
  • Flower wall backdrops: You might have found this popular backdrop in the most lavish events. These backgrounds are used for clicking beautiful photos. You can get this wallpaper in different styles, shapes as well as colours. Also, this acts an attractive corner for every party. 
  • Digital Backdrops

Digital background for the open photo booth is another great option for adding fun at your party. You can opt for different types of 3D scenes, like sceneries and funny shapes. Moreover, you can choose cartoon scenes, solar systems, superhero scenes, and lots more. Look at the options your photographer or photo booth provider has, or customises them as per your needs.

  • Projected Images

Projected backgrounds also go well with an open photo booth. These are comparatively new photobooth backgrounds that are being used in an event. The main purpose of this backdrop is to create cinema worthy photography scenes. For instance, you can put a dummy scooter in which your guests can pose, and in the background, a vintage city scene will be projected. This will be a great addition to the party, and your guests will love you more for this. 

  • DIY Backgrounds

You can opt for creating your own DIY backdrop. This brings out your creative side that your guests might appreciate. You can cut out large cardboard and draw and paint as per your wish, or you can opt for simple lights in the background, which will go well with an open photo booth. You can also check out online videos for more attractive DIY photo booth backdrop ideas. 

Final Words!

Therefore, these are some of the best ideas for open photo booth backdrops. You can get such backdrops from a certified company that provides party photo booth for hire in Melbourne. Also, you can check with them if they have more options on attractive photo booth backgrounds that can enlighten your party and make you one of the best hosts in your area.

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