In this time when economic heardship has touched us all in some way, some minor and others tragically positive affirmation is one strategy you can use for survival. Let me clarify that I am not claiming to have a solution to cure all of your financial worries immediately. The strategies of affirmation are not new or a breakthrough discovery, this is ancient and newly revived knowledge.

Consider the following:

* All things are energy
* Money is energy
* Our thoughts and words are energy
* The reality which we create for ourselves is born of our thoughts, words and actions.

I can already hear it, "how did I create the reality that my company was downsized and I was laid off?"
The answer is "I don't know how you did it."
The key concept is to accept that you were in some way involved in or contributed to the events that ocurr in your life, how is not important. How you will improve it, protect it and maintain what you have is the focus.

Our thoughts will eventually be expressed in some way, this is the beginning of manifestation. Thoughts about who we are, what we are capable of, what we deserve, how we are treated by others are the the seeds that will eventually design our perception of the world, relationships, prosperity and abundance.

Manifestation of thoughts begins with perception and attitude, thoughts manifest through spoken word, choices we make, actions we take based on our perception and attitude of the way life appears to be or the way you think it should be.

Also consider that effort and work are required, you cannot simply think your way out of problems, however, this is the beginning. "If you are drowning you can pray for help, but you must also start swimming toward the shore".

If you are enemployed and cannot find work, it is quite natural and expected that you will feel many emotions and negative, self defeating thoughts may race through your mind;

" I am a victim"
" My financial situation is hopeless"
" I am poor and have no money"

...and on and on, these thoughts are only serving to manifest these constructs further, a construct is a combination of factors which create a reality, simply because you perceive constructs as your reality does not make them so.

This concept applies to any situation or aspect of life, finanial, relationships, career and your health. The key is to replace negative, self limiting thought patterns with positive, empowering and life giving thought.

Let's use the example; "I have no money" this thought will continue to confirm this construct. You ask, "well this is reality, I have no cash in my pocket, my bank statement says "0" and I have no income!"

STOP... consider that this current scenario is a construct, a reality created in part by you as well as other unidentified factors and influences. Since you have contributed a part to this construct, YOU HAVE CONTROL.

The approach to reality selection begins with designing new constructs using your thoughts and words as your power which will eventually manifest as your perception and become your construct and reality. The selection and design process has guidelines to follow and universal laws which apply.

1. The law of thought manifestation - all that exists was once a thought.
2. The law of correspondence - that which is given is what is received.
3. The law of polarity - all things have an opposite or contrast.
4. The laws of vibration - all things are perpetually in motion and have a vibration.
5. The law of rhythmicity and momentum - repetition and consistency cause increase.
6. The law of cause and effect - for every action there is an equal and opposing action.
7. The law of gestation - all things begin as a seed.

Guidelines of manifestation

1. Affirmations must be postive - for example the thought form for manifesting financial security can be, "I am infinately wealthy." as opposed to "I am not poor"

2. Affirmations must be ritualized - ritual simply means a repeated intentional action or activity.

3. The power of affirmation is increased by kinetic energy - this simply means that an affirmation (thought form) linked to a physical action reinforces the affirmation. This is best explained through the "chop wood, carry water" parable, in which any physical action such as sweeping the floor with intentional thought can reinforce the affirmation. such as; "each time I sweep, I am removing my debt and money flows freely to me."

4. It does not matter if you believe your affirmation - you may begin with your affirmation and say "right, this isn't the way things are." however, as you continue to manifest your manifestation you will beleive it as it will become reality.


1. Begin with a list of how you want your finances to be, write down the affirmative.
for example; "I want to find a job" the affirmative is "I have a job" you may go further by writing down what your job is, how much your salary is, etc.

2. Couple your affirmations with an action; for example "while I am driving my care I will repeat out loud, "I have a job, I have a job, I have a job."

3. Finalize it; when you have designed your construct (affirmation combined with action) decide on your command statement, a command statement says, "this is the way it is" such as "so be it" or "it is so" By finalizing your thought there is no opportunity for self sabotage.
You can sabotage your positive affirmations by inadvertantly linking them to a negative or neutralizing thought. For example; "I have a job... it will be difficult to find" the reversal thought may be a fleeting thought which creeps in to negate your affirmation. By commanding the energy of your affirmation you are putting period on the sentence.

Also remember, while you are practicing your affirmations you must also be doing the footwork, such as looking for a job, writing your resume, going to interviews. As in the law of gestation, your affirmations are the seeds that must be planted, nurtured and gestate to grow.

Author's Bio: 

Garland Valley is a practicing registered nurse and lightworker licensed in the State of Florida. Visit for more articles and news on multiple health and wellness topics.