If you'd like to attract more wealth and prosperity into your home or office, adding a money plant can be a great solution. These beautiful plants are actually quite easy to grow, requiring only an average amount of light and water. Although commonly referred to as a money plant or money tree, the botanical name of this plant is actually Pachira. You'll often find small Pachira plants for offered for sale in nurseries and through online sources. However, with care and time these plants can become quite large, often reaching a size of three feet wide and seven feet tall.

The Feng Shui Elements of the Money Plant

The shape of the Pachira leaves is one of the reasons why it is referred to as a "money plant" or "money tree." When placed around your home or yard, it can help balance any of the missing feng shui elements, thus creating a more harmonious environment. Since this plant is symbolic of wealth and prosperity, it is a popular addition to both homes and offices.

Proper Placement of a Money Plant

Although you could certainly enjoy the beauty of one of these plants anywhere in your home, strategic placement is important if you want to attract wealth and prosperity. When choosing a location, look for areas that are symbolic of money. For example, if you wanted to attract more wealth to your business, you might want to display one of these plants close to your cash register, sales department or accounting department. In your home, you could use a money plant to attract more wealth to your home business by placing it in your office. If you work in an office or cubicle, place one near your desk to symbolize the wealth-producing possibilities of your work.

It can also be helpful to find the optimal areas to display these plants in your home by consulting a bagua map. The northwest corner of your home is the area that corresponds to prosperity. By placing a money plant in this corner of your home, you'll be creating a powerful attraction for prosperity and wealth. This placement technique can also be used in your place of business or in your office. You could also place one of these plants in other areas of your home that correspond to aspects of your life that could benefit from additional wealth and prosperity.

Buying and Caring for a Pachira Plant

Although you might not have ever heard of a Pachira plant before, they are actually an easy plant to find and grow. If you aren't able to locate one at your local plant nursery, an online search should make it easy to find stores that sell them. Pachira plants require only average soil, and should be watered the same as most house plants. They do best with an average amount of sunlight. Although these plants probably would not thrive in corners of your home that do not receive much light, they are perfectly suitable for most other areas. Because they eventually grow quite large, they work well as part of a floor plant display or as a single specimen planting.

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