Attract Prosperity! Is that POSSIBLE?!

Is it possible to attract prosperity? Here is a much more interesting question: Is it possible to push prosperity away?

If you do not believe you deserve a better job, will you take action to make it happen?

If you believe money is the root of all evil, will you accept it when it comes your way?

If you believe your friends will disown you, when you become successful, will you self-sabotage once again?

Your beliefs, both consciously and unconsciously, affect what you attract into your life, and, what you push away.

Everyone has a Prosperity Set Point.

A prosperity set point is similar to a weight set point (people in Weight Watchers know about this.) People who want to lose weight, may lose 20 pounds, then gain it back. The weight bounces up and down, right around their weight set point. That is, until they do something to shift that set point, such as increase their metabolism through proper diet and exercise.

Your Prosperity Set Point works the same way. You may gain a fortune, but then lose it all again. You may fall into debt, but then manage to climb back out. You will always stay near your Prosperity Set Point. UNTIL you do something to change it.

This is why some people win the lottery, and in a year the money is gone, while others fall deep into debt, but soon they are back where they started. In both cases, these people are floating around near their Prosperity Set Point.

You may notice over the years how your own financial security appears to go up and down, yet in general your financial landscape remains within a certain range. That is, unless something happens to change your set point.

In fact, you may have experienced shifts in your prosperity set point already, or perhaps you know someone who has experienced this experience. It can happen naturally over time, as we are ever changing beings.

For instance, a young person may believe they can never afford to buy a home, and so they choose to rent. Then later in life something shifts that belief, and they find themselves holding the keys to a brand new house!

You may know someone who was stuck in a dead-end job, but then made the decision to go back to school and start a new career.

This may happen naturally over time, but to shift your financial landscape NOW, you need to shift your prosperity set point.

You may be curious, “How do I shift my Prosperity Set Point?”

To shift your Prosperity Set Point, you need to create a shift it at the unconscious level.

In the same way a person can shift their weight set point, you can shift your Prosperity Set Point.

Hypnosis and NLP are effective ways to shift unconscious beliefs. And by listening to self hypnosis recordings for Prosperity Attraction, for 21 days, you can create a shift at the unconscious level. Make a commitment to create a shift in your life today. For more information visit

Author's Bio: 

Becky Hays is a Master NLP/Hypnotherapist with a range of interests from yoga to the metaphysical. Becky coaches clients in private session, conducts workshops, designs educational courses, and produces a self hypnosis recording series: Hypnosteps Take the First Step.