Attract Clients and Promote Your Business
By Hosting a Community Event
Susan Fox
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Do things so your business becomes known as one that genuinely supports worthy local community causes. Doing so, local people support your business. Help, help, help rather than sell, sell, sell.

Publicize Your Community Support
When the community knows you support an important cause, more people will buy from you. So, show you care about where you live. This sets you apart from your competitors.

Sponsor a Brief Informational Seminar That Helps Your Customers and Community
Let’s use getting married for an example of how to sponsor a community support seminar. How do you know what will attract customers/prospects? Do a survey and ask your ideal prospects what they want to know. (Of course you can use any holiday. For more ideas, see Chase’s Calendar of events.)

Suppose your store sells formal wear. How can you leverage selling formal wear with the cause of promoting happy family togetherness? Provide wanted prospect information in an entertaining way for them. What might that be? Ask your prospects and customers what they want and give it to them.

How about ways to affordably have an elegant wedding? Promote the event and include a community charity. This is a way to use the Law of Attraction and power of manifestation effectively.

What if you do not own a store but provide something that compliments formal wear or getting married? Propose to a local business that you give a public presentation about your specialty that is no conflict of interest to the formal wear store.

In our example, suppose you are a caterer. Offer to give a presentation for the formal wear store’s prospects on how to cook a dish like sweet and sour meatballs. This gives event attendees a taste of your delicious cooking. Reveal how catering an event reduces stress for the couple. Show the value you offer (and your expertise) that helps the couple enjoy an affordably catered event.

Quick Action Formula
Charge $10 to attendees for the brief, one-hour seminar your prospects already told you they wanted. Publicize that part of the proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit to help the community. Give part of the proceeds to the presenter. Ask each participant to promote the event.

Benefits Of Hosting/Sponsoring a Brief Seminar
The attendees receive expert knowledge on how to cook sweet and sour meatballs and see the value in catering an event. This results in their wedding celebration being a happy one. You’ve just shown that you care about them. That builds customer rapport.

You, the business-owner feel happy knowing you’ve helped a local community charity and potential customers. You get free publicity because you helped a charity. You get increased store traffic and increased formal wear sales. You stand out from your competitors doing what no other store did. It’s a win-win all around!

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Susan Fox is a freelance copywriter, small business promotion coach, public speaker and public speaking coach. She shows clients how to eliminate their public speaking fear, give calm, dynamic public presentations and become a favored business personality to her target market.