The power of positive affirmations. Having an attitude of gratitude in your daily life. How to create in your own mind, your perfect existence and your ideal self. How to build friendships and influence the people in your life. Perpetuating the thinking and growing rich philosophy.
At the top of the list of attributes one must cultivate in order to be a success in any venture is attitude. Attitude is a key component. You witness it every day, in the people you encounter and interact with. You can sense in an instant as you cross paths, whether people are truly tuned in, or just plain tuned out.
Every day we encounter situations that require us to make a decision about one thing or another. When we are faced with making choices, we must remember that we are in control of our own minds. Should we encounter something negative, we have a choice. We can choose to allow it to affect us in the same energy it was delivered. We can choose to take it in, evaluate it, and respond in a more positive mindful way.
The wise will act, and those less wise, react.
For some of us,the powerful messages contained within the pages of some of the best self help books ever written strike true in our minds and our hearts. Sparks fly as some will put this knowledge to work for themselves without delay. Developing the desire to grow, expand, and increase, these words becomes fuel for the burning desire sparked by one of the most important factors in all we attempt to achieve in our lives. Attitude! I am! I can! We must have unwavering faith in our abilities. We must be consistent and persistent as we press on in pursuit our vision and our dreams. Our attitude must remain constant every day.

One of the most successful businessmen of his time, Andrew Carnegie was a master at growing and cultivating relationships. His skill and expertise in dealing with even the most difficult of personalities made him one of the most influential people in the world. A simple point of perspective. Understanding how others think. Slipping into their shoes so to speak, and getting the just of where the other person is coming from. Brilliant!
When he knew he was scheduled to meet with someone, and knowing the level of importance the outcome would produce, Mr. Carnegie did his homework. He would do some research into the business and private lives of the people with whom he was to meet. His goal always was to find certain things that were of great interest to these people. He had a knack for finding out things that were meaningful, things that found great favor with them. Perhaps even things of interest to a member of their family. A wife's favorite bouquet of flowers. A sons' love of model trains. The persons' favorite fishing, or perhaps golf. Mr. Carnegie knew the value of connecting with his clients, employees, family and friends. What an ice breaker! When a meeting would take place, the topic of conversation wasn't what business there was to discus. The meeting always began discussing the likes and desires of the other person. Prime example of shifting perspective. Them, them, them, not me, me, me!
Seeing through the eyes and heart of the other person. From another perspective. Eyes and ears wide open. Listening to every word they say. When this happens, it's all about "them." When you listen and see, but then translate it to suit becomes about "you."
This is where most people fail! Attitude and perspective.


Joe M. Koenen

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Joe M, Koenen of Koenen Marketing Group. Business development and franchising consultant. Business owner for 22+ years. Online Marketing, Assisting in creating and cultivating multiple income streams.