What could be easier than using a well-built attic pull down ladder? It is easy and I should know. When I purchased my house, it did not have a ladder for attic access. There was this piece of wood in the ceiling acting as the doorway to the attic. In order to reach this piece of timber, I would lug a stool over and climb on this stool.

I would reach up and push the wood aside using my arms held over my skull, then grabbing holding onto the sides of this hole, pull myself up, I could not see myself using this much at all as it was a challenge and a chore to get into the black abyss. I refused to store my belongings up there as it was a too much of a process. In addition, I had to either throw boxes down or have someone standing below me to pass what I needed down.

After performing research, I decided to purchase an attic pull down ladder and it changed my life. It was installed with ease. Any man or woman talented with their hands will be able to install this type of pull down ladder themselves. Now I had an attic.

I must tell you about the quality of the ladder and the ease of use. Construction of the treads on the steps has groves in the wood so the surface is not smooth allowing for slip and fall protection. Your feet do not just pass up the stairs, they grip the stairs. The steps are a touch narrow but definitely have room enough even for the largest feet.

The handrails are amazing and a feature I appreciate as I do not like climbing ladders. It provides, for me, the extra security and makes me feel in charge of the ladder climb. The handrails are smooth and rounded and finished so no one will get splinters.

To use this portal into my attic, I reach overhead as if to the sky and pull a string down with one hand easily. Without difficulty the ladder unfolds before my eyes. The piece of painted wood that comes down when I pull the string turns into a back for the ladder so that there is no chance of slipping through the treads and causing bodily harm. All in all, I thoroughly enjoy how easy it has become to access my attic, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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