We study many subjects in our school and college time. Among all others there is History. We study History (of our nation as well as world starting with stone age as the human race evolved to intelligence) to remain aware of our past that has led to the present we are living. Looking back gives an opportunity to know that otherwise will go unknown. Few things are ought to pay due respect and attention. Our History is one of them as everybody’s is. Live News is just the opposite. We see our surroundings with the eyes of breaking news and current affairs. For local updates we keep up with latest states news like Bihar, J&K, Assam, West Bengal or UP News. For sports we are very partial with live Cricket scores whenever cricket fever is on. History is ok but “live” is hot for now.

For updates we have many sources now that we have got the support of latest technology including Internet. Being a resident of UP and not being there to receive UP news is no more an issue now. One can access anything from anywhere with the help of Internet and news is just one bit of it. Live news is the only connection one has with the current scenario now so accessing that becomes very important for people to stay ahead. History cannot help anyone in this regard but keeping up with recent updates certainly can.

Sport is another topic we love to remain attached to. After all this is the only distraction we can allow ourselves in this fast paced life. For us, Cricket news does more than a job of entertainment. We might get crazed about Live Cricket scores but being Indians we are allowed such craze. We are a cricket mad country and that suits our temperament. Thanks to Internet, life is made certainly facilitating our fun and need together.

Our knowledge of past is what keep us on toes to get more and more information about present and recent happenings so that outcomes don’t come as surprise. History is as important as retrospection of our own deeds. But live news is what determines the future. Whether it is live UP news or live cricket scores there being recent does all the wonders. Nothing is absurd in the light of proper logic. When concerns of future are there attention is easily drawn by recent happenings because they are window to expected outcomes.

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