I can’t understand that why people are always fantazing about doubling their hard earned money through online share trading in just two or three months. Without bothering about the credentials of a company, most small investors follow a herd mentality and invest blindly thereby adding to asset bubbles. Some people decide to invest in the stocks of a company just because they get to hear from some source that its stock price has doubled in the last two years. Don’t play your hard earned money in a gamble like this. NIFTY & SENSEX are actually one of the biggest playgrounds of international speculation in the country (Although it’s official). Every day, many people find their luck changing here. Some earn big and some loose even bigger. Indian stock market provides an excellent opportunity to those investors, who are ready to put time, money and energy in their investments.

More interestingly, if you search Q&A on NIFTY & SENSEX over Google , you will find thousands of results for it. The thing which you will find common in most of the question is this ‘ Hi, I am pretty much interested in online share trading and wants to make huge money in it. Kindly tell me some scheme [Rather say it a shortcut] where I can make great amount of money quickly’. Maximum number of queries regarding online share trading display this type of tonality, which seems over optimistic. And they ask these type of questions on such public platforms where a lot of people answer as if they are the relatives of Warren Buffet. Being optimistic is not bad, but not having the patience to hold stocks for the long term is something which hurts a great majority of investors.

NIFTY & SENSEX both require different attributes and investment strategies. No one must ever think in their wildest of dreams that their investment will double in a month or two (Okay! Until and unless something really big happens). It is always advisable for investors (Whether, novice or an expert) to direct their queries to market experts. It’s not that they are far better than everyone but yes they are actually better than those, who don’t have a genuine understanding of the market. Many people ask about investment schemes for reaping incredibly high returns in a short span of time through online share trading. All the media hype is just hog wash. There are no such schemes which can offer you increase in investments in just a month or two.

There is an old saying about equity trading that ‘only those people will make money here who have the patience of seeing their money sinking and then again floating’. The idea is that one has to wait for a considerable time say at least one year for seeing the performance of their investments and to analyze the rate of returns. It is also advisable to invest the money in different set of investment options because it’s very rarely happens that all options rise or crash simultaneously. Investing in different instruments not only diversifies the collective risk but it also helps in earning decent amount of money.

So the main mantras for successful equity trading are as follows:

1. Never dream about getting your money doubled in just one shot.
2. 3 things: money, efforts and patience will help you in achieving all you want.
3. Neither be over-confident, nor be over pessimistic.
4. Invest in diversified portfolio to mitigate the risk of any sudden slide in the market.
5. Always ask your stock related queries only to market experts.
6. Wait for sometime in order to get the fruits from your planted tree.
7. Always make a strategy before investing in any option.

So, these are the seven golden rules for getting great returns on your investment. Follow these and you will certainly make good money in stock market. For more information on investing in stock markets visit http://www.moneysukh.com

Till then , Keep Playing!
Good Luck!!

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