If you went to college or university, you probably have a picture of classes, notes, reading, all-night study sessions, exams, and exhaustion, interspersed with drinking, parties, sex and loafing off. The relative proportions vary according to your particular tastes, of course, but those are normal activities at college.

Now, God School covers a lot more territory and many more years than university, because it starts prebirth and goes past physical death. We are eternal souls inhabiting a body, or a series of physical incarnations. In between, we make decisions and agreements for the next lifetime in a body. So the process of selecting what, where, how, when and with whom we intend to ‘study’ starts well before we can walk and talk.

In this view of incarnation, we choose our parents, where we will be born, and into what circumstances. I believe it’s a matter of balance: for example, one lifetime might be spent in luxury, and another in poverty so that we can experience both ends of the spectrum. According to those who have studied these matters, there are few rules apart from the universal laws to which we are all subject, such as order, cycles, vibration, focus, balance, polarity, etc.

What does this mean in terms of your progress? It practice, we seem to swap between male and female bodies and gender roles, between rich and poor, educated and otherwise. Very often we choose our life roles as part of a group that works together over many generations and lifetimes. It’s like being part of a drama troupe: “Last time I was the son and you were the father, so how about this time we could be sisters… or I’ll be the mother and you can be the daughter… or I’ll be the boss and you can be the cleaner!”

No matter what our choices for a particular lifetime, there are certain assignments or directions we hold in common. We are all here to have fun, learn to operate the supernatural, hold the divine spark, and build heaven on earth. How we do those four things is partially a matter of our inherent ‘grain’, and partially a matter of choice.

If we are all in God School, what is the structure? What are you supposed to get out of it? And how do you choose or attract your specific lessons and experiences? After all, no one seem to get a written prospectus…

Your progress through God School is like selecting your courses at college, depending on your experience and interests. Do you have lots of imagination? Then perhaps you will choose art or writing. Does structure hold your attention? Maybe you will study engineering or architecture. Do you have a particular interest in relationships? Then you might ‘major’ in being a spouse or parent. If you are keen on education, you might study to become a teacher, writer or presenter, while those who love performing become actors, dancers, musicians and motivational speakers.

Your spirit is always attempting to push you in the right direction, expressing itself in your particular genius. Although particular talents sometimes run in families, I suspect that is more because certain souls are drawn to that frequency or resonance than because there is anything in that family’s unique DNA. In some people there is an overwhelming genius that overcomes any and all obstacles in order to find expression – Mozart is a perfect example. He chose to be born to a father who taught keyboards and who was willing to develop his talents from a young age. By the time he died at 35, Mozart had created more great music than most composers could in a century.

As any parent can tell you, each child is born with a different personality that leads the child in a unique direction. You use rosewod to make (say) an inlaid table, and you use pine to frame a house; to reverse their functions is to ignore the characteristics of their respective grain. So, too, with people: we each have an individual grain, and do best when we follow it. How do we know? Because some people actually want to be dentists!

Now, in the world of Geotran human programming,, we call this kind of genius “Yippity Yips”, and they form the layer between your spirit and your soul. Yippity Yips are your spirit pushing your soul for expression. Some people have one major one, like my best friend who is a physicist; even though no one in his family even went to university, he won a scholarship to Cambridge and is now a physics professor. He’s always known that physics is his passion. It’s more common to have a collection of smaller Yippity Yips – a talent or passion for cooking+sewing+reading, like my neighbor who runs a children’s library, or a strong interest in dancing+computer programming like many of my contra-dance buddies. Personally, I have a passion for chocolate, knitting, reading, writing, teaching and tango! So in my life I’ve been a professional chef, chocolatier, architect, writer, human programmer and teacher. (The tango I do for fun!)

You will definitely get on better in God School if you follow your Yippity-Yips, or the genius within you. That is where you do best AND where you have the most fun and satisfaction.

As well as individual talents and interests, we each have unique assignments. Your passions take you in the direction of your own truth (records) and ways of doing things (programs) that will help you follow your divine blueprint and create the life that not only fulfills your assignment but also makes you happy. It makes sense that you would naturally be happiest and most effective doing what you are designed to do, be and have. Furthermore, that divine blueprint was selected and refined by you (or your eternal soul/spirit in consultation with your guides and fellow members of your ‘soul group’), so it will naturally take account of your inherent ‘grain’. This is why many people find similar patterns or professions in one lifetime after another.

Of course, your eternal soul has a much larger perspective than your human personality, and looks at these issues in terms of multiple lifetimes and overall evolutionary development. If you have a specific task for this lifetime, and a blueprint that spells out how to do it, then it would be foolish and counterproductive to act otherwise. Yes, you have free will, but you made your choices for this lifetime long before you came into body. So in this respect, there is no difference between predestination and free will. It’s as if you selected your course list long before you got to university, based on your talents and temperament. Why would you then choose something different as you attend each class? That would only prevent your making the most of your opportunities, plus taking you out of alignment with your own divine programming.

So… before being born, we choose the circumstances of our upbringing, including family, culture, social position, religion, and so on. Some of our ‘course work’ aims to develop and encourage our natural talents; other ‘practicals’ are designed to help us get over patterns that block our ability to develop awareness.

If you read my article on What is Obedience, it’s easy to see that obedience means following your particular course schedule at God School. This will always be in accordance with universal law as well, because both you and the God within you will be bound by those same laws.

Although we may have unique courses, some of which we make up as we go along, everyone has the same aim: learning how to live on this planet, and how to become a co-creator with God in restoring heaven on earth. Oh, and we get to have fun as we do it!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! For more info, go to www.ART-of-Integration.com.