At home remedies for asthma

Asthma is one of the many ailment that is taking a heavy toll on the health of the patients suffering from it as the number of patients have really grown up during recent times. Ashtma has also been observed as the numero uno reason for chronic illness in children, affecting more than 5.5 millions children.

People suffering from the menace asthma face difficulties while breathing and that's when all the problems start. People take up normal medications which is a good thing to do but since they have too many complications such as side-effects which leads to other problems too, so taking a natural mode to keep it under check shall be done. That's where at home remedies for asthma helps as they are without any side-effects.

Home asthma remedies when taken the way they must pave the way for patients to not only recover from the condition but also helps to heal it without any other issues. When people are attacked by asthma they take up medications which is a good thing but since they are having side-effects, they shall also opt for some at home remedies for asthma as home asthma remedies can help to heal the condition without causing further issues to the health of the patient. Home asthma remedies are nothing but nature based day-to-day to be used ingredients that can soothe the condition as the time passes and also improves the symptoms.

Some at home remedies for asthma

Taking some at home remedies for asthma helps. Let us see some of the home asthma remedies that are really effective.

  • Honey- Breathe the air of honey when kept under the nose of an asthma sufferer and improve the condition as it soothes the breath, Honey has properties to help with breathing
  • Garlic and lahsun- Gralic and lahsun has been known to mankind since ancient times due to their medicinal properties. A person suffering from asthma must take a piece of ginger or garlic to soothe their breathing.
  • Mustard- Mustard is one of the most preferred home asthma remedies that's known to the mankind for ages. Mix some mustard oil with camphor and massage it over the chest of the person having asthma. It would soothe the condition.

Taking these at home remedies for asthma shall help an asthma patient soothe the condition and remain healthy. When these home asthma remedies are taken with normal medicines, shall give you the best results.

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