Nothing can be more fun than having a handheld device, which fulfils all your computing and entertainment needs. A tablet can be your personal secretary, your organizer, your workstation, and your entertainment hub, all at the same time. Now if you are thinking of buying a new tablet for yourself, or your loved ones, then think no-more because we are here to review the best tablet for your use. So, without wasting any more time, let us just dive right in.

We will talk about the Asus ME170C,
and review this Android tablet for you guys. Let us get the technical specifications out of the way first. This great tablet is powered by Dual-core 1.2GHz processor. It runs on Android, so you get the best and smoothest interface for all your operations. Plus, the intel state of the art dual-core processor, provides you with great performance and productivity.

It has a memory of 1GB RAM and 8GB storage space. The memory and space are decent in such cheap price range. It provides you sufficient space, to store your favourite apps and games. Is supports MicroSD memory card, so you can add extra storage space in your tablet.

This android tablet is equipped with 7-inch HD display, which gives you the resolutions of 1024x600. The video quality while streaming HD videos is great. You can be entertained on this tablet, by watching your favourite movies in HD or playing games, as you please. Plus, with the Miracast you can stream 720p content from your Asus Tablet, to any screen or LED monitor to experience larger than life viewing.

The audio you get from this tablet is decent. You can stream videos or listen to your favourite songs, with crystal clear and crisp audio. It is equipped with aptX audio codec, which gives you the best audio, while you are listening something on headsets, wireless headphones, or just with the speakers.

Well, this tablet has a 5MP rear camera, and a 0.3MP front camera for your selfies. Even though the cameras are not that much great, but still, they are quite good. It still lets you capture your precious moments, in a good quality for you to cherish. Video making with this tablet is also great and provides nice and stable videos.

With this Android tablet you will get good battery time. You can charge it once and enjoy 10 hours of computing or streaming, on your tablet. This keeps you away from the horror or constantly looking for a socket, to charge your phone. The battery time is good as compared to some of its contemporaries.

This tablet is easy to carry and hold, with its light weight of just 285g. It has a slim body of 10.7mm. This gives it a slim and sleek look with great portability factor. It is lightweight to hold in your hand, and your kids can also use it with ease.

Well, this was ASUS Me170C review. We got to know that overall, it is a very decent tablet with cheap and affordable price range. This gives you style, performance, power, and portability all at the same time. This tablet will be worth your money surely. So, don’t waste any more time, and get this tablet for yourself or loved ones. Go to your tech guru, to get this tablet or choose from a wide range of Android tablets.

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