Timing is important. If you pay attention to personal and universal cycles, you can use it to your advantage and even get a major edge.

Astrology and numerology are tools that can give you a great deal of insight about timing. But, like learning a foreign language, they take many years to master, beyond the superficial versions like horoscopes.

However, there is one aspect of astrology you can start using today that will help you tremendously in regards to timing, especially with new ideas, purchases, new people, and making plans. It’s called Moon Void of Course (VOC).

Most people don’t know about Moon VOC and even many astrologers overlook it. We’ve tracked it since 1993 and can tell you, without a doubt, it’s worth following.

Moon VOC occurs every few days and can last from five minutes to two days.

The Moon is related, in part, to your intuition and instincts. VOC is like driving through a tunnel where your antenna can’t pick up the radio signals. Knowing when the Moon is VOC will help you know when your intuition might be off, and thus make better choices.

Please note: It’s usually not a good idea to rely on only one or a few astrological or numerological considerations; a comprehensive approach using patterns of considerations is imperative for consistent levels of accuracy in delineation and prediction.

However, since the VOC is an important affliction, you will benefit even if it’s the only astrological information you follow, as long as you know there are many other important astrological and numerological indicators needed to get the full picture.

The following are some of our observations about Moon VOC over the last 27 years:

Things initiated during a VOC are rarely finished or take much longer than expected to complete.

New acquaintances made during a VOC are short-lived or problematic.

New purchases during a VOC will break down, need to be returned, or not be used.

Anything requiring a lot of concentration will be more challenging during a VOC.

New ideas brainstormed during a VOC won’t manifest or will backfire.

Important plans made during a VOC won’t happen or will happen differently than expected.

Too much sun, food, booze, or spending too much money is typical during a VOC.

Trying a new restaurant or ordering something you usually don’t when out to eat during a VOC often ends with regret.

You probably won’t be happy with the result when you decide to get your hair cut in a different style or buy new clothing during a VOC.

Routine cleaning, work, or purchases (like what you normally purchase at the grocery store) seem to be fine during a VOC.

It’s a great time to break bad habits, exercise, relax, meditate and get centered.

Fearful thoughts or dreams during a VOC often turn out to be baseless.

Testing VOC

One way to perceive VOC more clearly and test the accuracy of our claims is to observe people and their actions during a VOC. Don’t mention it to them, notice their decisions, purchases, plans, people they meet, or things they start during a VOC, then notice the end result.

This is an example of the objective empirical research with which we’ve been successful.

We still sometimes test VOC. An example is when we meet someone new during a VOC, we allow things to unfold naturally and see what happens while ignoring the VOC. But ultimately, we find VOC situations yield VOC results, even when we didn’t know it was a VOC.

The VOC doesn’t affect you or situations directly, but it does represent what is destined.

People born during a VOC may not be as symbolically affected or may be affected differently. Follow VOC times and perceive for yourself.

Can you work around a VOC?

If you decide during a non VOC time to buy a new vacuum, for example, then notice the day and time you had planned to buy it is a VOC, can you avoid a bad purchase if you change the time? Try it and see, but you might find that the vacuum won’t be in stock, malfunctions, or something else will lead you to believe that vacuum purchase wasn’t a good idea.

VOC Information Sources

Many astrological calendars and software note easy to follow VOC times, and you can also find many listings online.

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