Is your lover hopeless when it comes to expressing his feelings? There are ways of persuading him to open up — though some signs are trickier than others.

Easy signs first: The two who are in touch with their feminine side more than most are Cancers and Libras. They are better adapted to understanding what you need in quiet moments and will happily watch chick flicks with you. They really do empathize with your feelings and will say so. Sharing and caring is their thing.

Scorpio adores intense heart-to-hearts, so they may prod you to go deeper than you really would even like to times. But they are very much the exception.

Being the sign of the burning heart, Leos are good at expressing themselves — at least early on in a relationship. That said, he’ll talk about what he thinks and feels rather than really grasping what you two need to share. Keep tapping into his warm center to ensure that he keeps his focus on your relationship.

Early on in courtship, Pisces is very poetic about his feelings, and softly seductive. But as time wears on, he’ll disappear into evasiveness when it comes to being pinned down. Try learning a few of his favorite love songs and quote one to him if you feel it fits his present state of heart. That way you might just get a glimmer.

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn may not quite grasp the point of deeply felt moments, as they are either being practical or wanting to indulge. The way to this Earth sign’s heart is through their body. Even workaholic Virgo and Capricorn can be slowed down if they’re sufficiently tempted. Whether you’ll ever persuade them to come clean about their feelings — especially Taurus — is another matter.

Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries can certainly talk about everything under the Sun — except where their innermost yearnings and vulnerabilities are concerned. They’re interested in people and psychology, so if you lure them into a intimate conversation, you might just manage to persuade them to reveal their feelings.

You didn’t start dating an Aquarius because he was an emotional creature. Quite the opposite, you adored his detachment, his inquiring mind and his ability to keep a clear head. He’s probably the most difficult sign to get to know when it comes to his emotions. You’ll have to start the conversation with the theory of love, and then be persistent about moving the topic to him.

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