When a large part of your future is to be determined by a set of examinations less than a month away, it really is time to hit the panic button. From practise papers to last minute cramming to just plain freaking out, we all have had our fair share. And the insurmountable external pressure and ridiculously high expectations doesn’t do anyone any good. There is a lot riding on these treacherous Board Exams so instead of fighting it, accept it and do the best you can. If that piece of advice didn’t soothe your nerves, here is a peek of what to expect to help you work around and with it.

All your aspirations will be met with ease this year if you put your best foot forward. Your dedication towards studies and taking every obstacle in your stride is going to be your two biggest assets which will guarantee you success in the board exams. Avoid slacking off and be open to assistance from others.

2013 promises to be a good year for you academically. You might face issues due to your inability to focus. Use your intelligence and intuition to your advantage to crack the exams.

Your horoscope predicts towards a few stumbling blocks that you might face in handling a couple of subjects. Don’t let it get to you. The key to your success will be fortitude and sincerity.

Examination stress might take a toll on you. Don’t let it get the best of you. You will be inspired by someone in your family. Relax, take a deep breath and do not panic.

The Leo horoscope suggests that you wouldn’t have it easy in 2013. You may face challenges and difficulties. Perseverance and hard work can get you out of them. Group study will do you immense good.

Day dreaming during your study time will be your biggest obstacle. You may face depression tendencies. Perform meditation to stay focussed. Don’t forget to have in faith in your preparation.

Even though the stars indicate towards your success in the board examination, you are likely to achieve it without being pushed to your limits. Don’t get affected by any distractions. Be cautious of bad company which is likely to keep you off studying.

2013 seems to be your year as far as board examination is concerned. It will be a highly rewarding year for you on the academic front. You may even get a scholarship and admission in your dream college. The only advice for you is- don’t procrastinate.

This examination is going to provide you with an opportunity to surprise yourself. Make sure you systematically answer questions and don’t waste time.

You will invest a lot of time in studying and other productive activities rather than wasting time. Your good memory is going to help you succeed. Don’t forget to take breaks between study session and use music and entertainment as stress busters.

Aquarius horoscope points towards a favourable result. You will get mental satisfaction after putting in the required effort into your preparations. Stay calm.

Domestic politics may distract you from focussing on your study. The biggest challenge for you will be focussing your energy on the preparations. Hard work and concentration will help you climb up the ladder.

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