You’ve lived with yourself for a lot of years now, so you do know a lot about yourself. But I would venture to say that there is still more to uncover. Astrology and numerology are two powerful tools to use to delve even deeper into what makes you tick, why you do what you do and what would make you happy in terms of a career/Life Work. Something profound happens when you learn about your sign or your number-it can resonate so deeply because for some people it feels like they are finally understood or it is a confirmation of what they already know about themselves. For others, it is the beginning of uncovering things about themselves that they have long ago forgotten. It is amazing to me that these two systems can be so right on.

So why is it important for us to know and understand ourselves? Because we came to this planet to have certain life experiences, to learn lessons and to express our true nature, and if we are not quite sure of who we are, how will we do those things? You did not show up on this planet to simply collect a paycheck and pay the bills. At some point in our lives, many of us determine that fulfillment is critical in our lives and stripping away all that is not our true selves becomes paramount. Really knowing ourselves makes fulfillment attainable, never seeking the truth about who we are makes it tougher to accomplish. We can make a conscious effort to find out about ourselves, or sometimes a job loss, the pain in our lives, depression or a major life change will force us to find ourselves.

Here are a couple of examples. A beautiful 11 path soul born in Taurus, is working at an unfulfilling job and sinking deep into depression. During my meditation on this client, I see her as a young child and know there is something from childhood to be healed. We speak about this during our session and indeed, she has been longing for the days of her childhood, wishing that her Dad had been around more but since her parents divorced when she was four years old, that was not possible. I ask her about her intuition- knowing this is a gift that she has but has probably not owned. She tells me that, yes, she knows things in advance and can feel the emotions of others. We talk about steps that she can take to move into doing work that would fulfill her- being a translator for the deaf. What a wonderful way for her to use her intuition and her ability to connect to and with others. It was the first time that she had acknowledged her gift, and doing so enabled her to move into her true Life Work path.

Another client, a Pisces 1 path is an intuitive leader who is working as a high-level executive but longs to be the one who is completely in charge of an organization. One path’s must be the boss, for they are visionaries who express independence and leadership. We talked about the steps he will take to start his own non-profit where he can be the one to express his visionary gifts. We also talked about leadership with and without the use of his innate Pisces intuition, and he came to see that his business decisions were always best when he listened to his own inner guidance. He is a great leader, and with a better understanding of himself, he can go out into the world and improve it by leading at his non-profit.

You too can peel away the layers and uncover what you really came here to do. It’s a journey that you will never regret taking.

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Nancy McCleary, Life Work Intuitive, uses numerology, astrology, meditation and channeled guidance to zero in on what you really came here to do. It is her Life Work and Mission to help as many people as possible remember the beautiful truth of who they really are and what they came here to do. To learn more, visit