Any man can be very anxious about the future. It is natural for a man to know the good wishes of tomorrow, to seek remedies for any suffering, and to live in happiness. In search of that comfortable life, there are many kinds of science.

However, it is possible with one science to know the future and make it comfortable. By astrology, the horoscope is called a chakra, which refers to the planets of the celestial body by the time we were born. This is the name given by the people of different regions such as horoscope, birthdate and horoscope. Horoscope is calculated based on the time and place of birth of a person. The astronomical planets can be calculated mathematically, and the future is said to be based on the planets of the constellations, constellations, and stars. Essential to the horoscope Are said to worship.

Horoscope is like a water droplet in the ocean of astrology. Before learning such horoscopes, let us learn how to know our stars and stars. Make an effort to learn these astrology regularly. If we do not read a text, we will lose a lot of information. (Do whatever you do in the horoscope mathematical paragraphs). Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana end each day in that calendar. If you know the moon state right now.
Astrology is the supreme science that gives man the space needed for survival, confidence in the future, and a complete understanding of life. Astrology, which began with the observation of stars in the sky, has expanded into branches today, helping human survival in all respects.

Astrology is mainly spread across three disciplines. Doctrinal, Samhita, Hora sections. The theorem is also called the mathematical formula. It contains important topics related to planetary mathematics. Describes the mathematical aspects of the planets' intermediate state, apparent position, year-to-month period, and eclipses. It consists of three sections
1) Theoretical from the beginning
2) Tantric, from a great age,
3) A planetary mathematics from a given year is called karana.

The conjunct section includes astronomy, comets, meteorites, eclipses, etc. The world has good wishes and matters related to the world. The Hora section describes the good wishes of man's life based on the time of his birth. This is the name of the horoscope. It is based on the time and place of man's birth by inscribing his horoscope and analyzing the auspicious effects of his life on the basis of the asteroids, senses and yoga. Let's take a look at the qualities of those who want to practice astrology first. Astrology is the science that affects man's life. If it falls, they don't deserve to study it. Those who want to study it and tell astrological results are a must have in our astrological texts. This is how our sciences dictate what an astrologer should look like.

One who is free of ambivalence, enjoys a representative life, has a keen understanding of mathematics, is aware of the virtues of the Holy Spirit (which means he has a good grasp of time). Always have a calm mind. Have a smooth conversational ability that does not hurt the opposite. Have a good understanding of past and present. To have sensual restraint. Representatives must be observant of the eternal works prescribed for them. The astrological mogul, the astronomical goddess, protects all sorts of people from practicing astrology by constantly practicing such traditions.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 year’s practical experience in astrology. She is regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.
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