Ancient astrologers very well knew that apart from throwing light on planets/stars, solar activities, their inter relationships their mutual influences, information on how the earth’s atmosphere, plants and creatures get affected, Astrology Science has one more domain viz. to make mankind aware of good/bad reactions of flow of consciousness in subtle interstellar space. Hence great Gurus of Astrology Sciences in those times not only knew about inter planetary activities but they also mastered soul sciences and consciousness. As a result along with gaining information regarding the solar system since they were aware of spiritual cures to induce desired movements therein time and again programs on a large scale were etched for experimentation, research, Anushthan, remedies and congregational spiritual applications.

In this very direction ancient Indian astrologers conducted profound research and have put forth their conclusions. Examples of these AryaBhatt’s Jyotish Sidhant, Kal Kriya Pad Golpad, Surya Sidhant and on it Nardev, Brahmagupta’s research, Bhaskar Swami’s Mahabhaskariya etc rare and precious literature that is full of many profound mysteries and Astrology research data. In the 1st leg of the book Jyotish Sidhant mathematics has been correlated to Astrology Science. In Kal Kriya Pad there is great detail of Astronomy. In the same way its last leg which constitutes 50 verses in one chapter called Golpad throws light on important secrets of Astrology Science. Varah Mihir in his ‘Panch Sidhantik’ has detailed 5 astrology principles called Paulish, Ropak, Vashishtha, Saur and Pitamah which throws detailed light on Astrology Science.

Right from weather to political events while making predictions people bring about desired changes in their programs. This fact is no less important with reference to influences emerging due to planetary positions in space. Astrology Science that gives this information by merely describing Falit Jyotish based on planetary position influences is not a mundane field of knowledge so as to render gullible people fearful but that based on mathematical calculations by prophesying apt situations and possibilities is a great advanced science that warns us well in advance to usher in desired changes in our day to day activities.

If we deeply cogitate over major Yogas (positions) of planets that have occurred since the past 50 years we shall realize that due to their influence forces that obstruct world peace have appeared in a big way. Unfortunately political leaders the world over made influential decisions on such occasions with reference to the life and needs of millions of people wherein the influence of planets was hazardous and opposing in nature. The result of this was that in these last 50 years we saw gigantic ideals and hope based programs fail miserably only to get destroyed. Many such failed programs include proclamation of non alignment by American President Wilson, his 14 principles, the rules of League of Nations, Washington’s No weapon and Keelag Pact, Davos Plan, Young Plan, Hoover’s program of world neo creation, Stimson Program, President Roosevelt’s ‘Quarantine Speech’ and proclamation of 4 independences, Hull’s 17 principles, Atlantic Charter, Yalta’s proclamation, formation of UNO, Truman’s speech, India’s partitioning, problem of Kashmir, regions in India developing on the basis of various languages spoken there, Eisenhower’s proclamation and so on. The chief reason for all these failures is related to planetary positions. Their cause certainly is not worldly mundane situations but is in fact our intellect, character and thought process. In fact its basis is on the thinking involved behind solutions to world problems designed during conferences of leading world politicians. For example take a look at the horoscope of League of Nations. The chief planet Mars of England affected all politicians participating in the Versailles’ Treaty Conference in such a manner that only England’s viewpoint got due assent and as a result of this the mode of functioning of League of Nations took such a path that manifested as a horrible 2nd World War. The state of UNO a bye product of League of Nations too is no better because its creation too took place under malefic influences of planetary positions.

Two large countries wage war only planetary positions are that much more special. When Saturn, Rahu and Mars are in one house and are in that Zodiac Sign which create agitation, such incidences are noted. If we mull over the planetary position noted during the 1st world war it will become clear that at that hour Rahu-Jupiter and Mangal-Ketu were in Dwirad-Dasha (2 pronged), Saturn-Mars were in one house and Rahu-saturn were in one Trikon (triangle). In the same way if we study the horoscope of 2nd world war it is clear that the planetary positions verily were wrathful. The powerful planet of democracy Saturn was in Aries Zodiac Sign and in Ashwini Nakshatra (galaxy) along with Ketu and on this was Mars complete view (Purna Drishti). Jupiter and Saturn were in Dwirad-Dasha and Rahu-Jupiter was in Shashthashtak (at 6 to 8 degrees from each other). In this manner gigantic horrific wars of the world were definitely fought during very influential planetary positions. At the time when Saturn shall enter Sagittarius Zodiac Sign many conspiracies will set rolling in Russia and leading people shall get killed. Behind the Iron Curtain many astounding transformations shall occur as a result of which the inner group of Russia shall change drastically. As a result of this that country will see discontent and shall not try to fight America.

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