Astro Lady Speaks on 2011
2011… a Year of Transitions…
For those of you who have read my previous Astro blogs, you may already be aware that we have just come to the culmination of a very significant Cardinal T-square, an aspect that astrologers have been calling “The Depression Era Aspect.”
Planets traveling through Cardinal signs are going though the signs that begin the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. This is partly why Astrologers think of the Cardinal T-Square as a time of new beginnings.
Squares (90 degrees apart) usually suggest dynamic challenge or tension, while planets in trine (120 degrees apart) suggest points of harmony & ease. So… while there is something incredibly wonderful about beginning anew, this particular time period has been doing so with an inordinate amount of growing pains for many.
The T-square that has been approaching for the last 3-4 years culminated in late July of 2010… & corresponded with the high point of our world-wide economic crisis. Although there HAS been a slight turn around since, it is VERY recent.
During “The Great Depression” of the 1930’s, we saw Pluto in Cancer (opposite to the sign it is now), & making similar aspects to outer planets.
Basically, we are on the other side of a giant Pluto cycle. Because Pluto stays in one sign for so long, it is said to have influence over the masses as a kind of a “generational” influence. Generally, it stays in a sign for about 13 years, but it CAN be longer.
Pluto is known as “The Great Transformer.” In lore, it is also known as “The God of the Underworld.” Shedding light upon that which is dark is part of how a significant Pluto influence “transforms” things. Looking at the underbelly of things that need profound attention is a process our society is deeply entrenched in at the moment. Because Pluto is traveling through Tropical Capricorn until 2024, the area of your chart that is ruled by Capricorn would be the area that is most ripe for transformation.
The New Year… 2011
Mercury appears to go Direct on Dec 30th, allowing us to start the New Year off with more forward motion for the future. There are harmonious aspects between Venus & the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, as well as a sweet sextile (60 degrees apart) between Venus & Mars as we begin 2011. Social & philosophical harmony help usher in the New Year.
Yet all is not exactly rosey. The first 10 days of the year, we are still living with Mars making a square to Saturn… which may give us great wishes to move forward without the ability to do it completely. Saturn tests and holds back the initiative & ambition of Mars until about January 10th, 2011. By Jan 10th, it begins to feel as though 2011 will be easier for us than 2010 was. We get a glimpse of truly moving forward.
In 2011, Jupiter & Uranus move into Tropical Aries…
Jupiter finishes its once every 12 year passage through Pices on January 22, 2011. In Pices, it corresponds to increasing our compassion & understanding. In Aries, Jupiter inspires individual intiative & courageous leaps of faith.
Jupiter & Uranus come together every 13-14 years. The last time they came together was in 1997 (in Tropical Aquarius). Then, we saw the first animal cloning (Dolly the sheep) & the first spacecraft landing on Mars. To give you a more memorable reference point, Princess Diana died in an epic car crash in 1997… & my famous dog (Nakita) was born.
Although these 2 planets come together every 13-14 years, their last meeting in Tropical Pices was in 1334. The most significant event that I found to occur in 1334 was an epidemic of The Black Death in China (reportedly killing 6 million people & later spreading to Europe as the bubonic plague). A pretty big disaster. Seems we should be happy this aspect is on its way out. 
The Jan 4, 2011 conjunction of Uranus & Jupiter in Pices will be the last exact conjunction in this sign until 2093. Since Jupiter rules expansion & Uranus rules innovation, the years of their conjunctions typically correspond with major breakthroughs. This aspect might assist the US Senate in changing some of their old archaic rules on Jan 5th (which is the only day they can institute such change in the next 2 years).
Generally, this aspect suggests that our current environmental, economic, & social challenges are solved through a spiritual revolution combined with advances in technology… & a shift into a more unified awareness… really working together to prevent further environmental devastation & such.
Jupiter moves into Tropical Aries on Jan 22nd, 2011.
This would be activating the area of your own personal chart that is ruled by Aries. For the general populace, beginning to live life with a new philosophy… & starting fresh in some way could be part of this transit. Jupiter is known as the “Planet of Luck & Expansion”… so people who have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aries could look forward to having a lucky or personally expansive year up until early June.
Jupiter enters Taurus on June 6th, 2011. By June, it’s the people with Taurus prominent in their charts that will benefit most from Jupiter. At this point, expansion & luck on the material plane is more likely (in general).
Uranus re-enters Tropical Aries on March 11, 2011… & will be traveling through this new territory for about 7 years.
Uranus, mythic god of chaos, breaks down old structures in order for new ones to emerge. In Aries, Uranus can spark rebellion. It’s possible that this aspect will generate a deeper grass roots movement that challenges hierarchical organizations & the calcified institutions that have been running things for way too long. We’ll see.
Uranus highlights where we must be willing to innovate. It looks like it’s really time to question the status quo & be an agent of change in a new way.
Uranus’ last passage through Tropical Aries was from 1927-1935. It was amplified by 5 exact squares to Pluto… & corresponded with the high point of “The Great Depression.” (1933)
The present passage of Uranus going through Tropical Aries will be from 2010-2019… & will be intensified by 7 exact squares to Pluto.
Because Pluto will be traveling through Tropical Capricorn & because Capricorn rules politics & tradition… longstanding corruption & inequality are likely to become more intolerable & the calls for reform in the world, more insistent.
Individually, we will need to let go of structures that no longer serve our growth. It is a time to begin to more fully share our unique & real gifts with the world.
Saturn remains in Tropical Libra until October 5th, 2012… with an emphasis on ethics, equality, & justice. Saturn in Libra supports team work, reconciliation, & equal rights legislation.
The last time Saturn traveled through Tropical Libra was from September 21, 1980 to August 24th, 1983. This means that people that were born during that time period are in the midst of their Saturn Returns. Saturn takes about 29 years to make a full orbit, so when it returns to the place it was when you were born, it is called a “Saturn Return.” It usually corresponds with being tested in some way… & beginning the next phase of life. People born between 1951 and 1953 would be experiencing their second Saturn Return. In Libra, finding true inner balance is likely part of this transit. If you have Libra prominent in your chart, this Saturn transit could also be significant for you. Although Saturn is known as the planet of structure & discipline, a strong Saturn aspect can help manifest long cherished dreams in a more concrete way.
Starting on April 5th 2011, Neptune embarks upon a 14 year passage through Pices. Neptune rules the collective unconscious. It will be traveling through the watery healing sign of Pices (Neptune’s home sign). This is a time when we can see that our ability to heal far outweighs our ability to hurt. It could be a time when we see ways that our world is created by our intentions & maintained by our focus.
Neptune’s orbital period is about 168 years. The last time it traveled through Tropical Pices was 1847-1861, (a period that saw the rise of Marxism, as well as the presidential election of the US president, Abraham Lincoln). It was the time immediately preceding the US Civil War (1861-1865) & emancipation.
Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius from August 4, 2011 to Feb 3, 2012… when it re-enters Pices to finish off this next 14 year cycle. Neptune is known as the planet of compassion & is associated with the God of the Sea. Because it will be traveling in its home sign of Pices for the next 14 years, I’m imagining that much of the healing that our world will undergo will have something to do with our oceans & other important bodies of water on our planet.
Chiron (one of the larger asteroids in the asteroid belt) will also be traveling through Pices in 2011. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer.”
Chiron made a short visit through Tropical Pices in 2010 (from April 20th to July 20th). By chance, the Deep Water Horizon environmental disaster occurred the very day that Chiron first entered into Tropical Pices (the sign most associated with the ocean).
With Neptune AND Chiron both embarking upon journeys through Pices in 2011, healing & creativity in one form or another is highlighted.

Mercury through 2011:
Mercury appears to be Retrograde three times in 2011. When a planet is “retrograde,” it appears to be moving backwards from our perspective. It’s normal for this kind of phenomena to happen for 3 weeks, 3 times a year. This year, all of the retrograde periods will be happening while Mercury travels through Tropical Fire signs (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius).
In 2011, Mercury will be retrograde from ………………………………………………… March 30th-April 23rd ………………………………………………………………………………. August 2nd-26th ………………………………………………………………………………….. & November 24th-December 13th.
Normally, a Mercury Retrograde period has us needing to fix our cars & double check anything that has to do with communication or transportation. Statistically, the only time that major communication breakdowns have been reported to coincide with Mercury Retrograde periods are when Mercury is Retrograde AND making a square aspect to planets with much larger orbits.
In 2011, the first Mercury Retrograde is likely to be the most challenging because Mercury will be making an exact square to Saturn as we get closer to April 23rd. Mercury makes an exact square to Mars in early December of 2011, so that retrograde period might also be tricky. Generally, because the Mercury Retrogrades of 2011 will all be in fire signs, these upcoming time periods would be a time for us to re-evaluate our aspirations, our motivations, & how we express ourselves.
Residuals from 2010, Pluto square Uranus
Squares & Oppositions symbolize significant turning points, generally. Because we have had an abundance of squares & oppositions in epic proportions leading up to 2010… & throughout 2010, this time period has been a major turning point for humanity & individuals… a time of great transition.
In 2011, the only residual of this large T-square aspect is a square between Pluto & the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. By the beginning of April, Pluto will no longer be in square aspect to Jupiter. This will allow things to ease up further.
Yet, the last remaining vestiges will be an enduring square with Pluto & Uranus that will still be in effect until around 2016. Uranus, the planet of change… will be yanking on the chain of deep transformation… unpredictably altering things… slowly in accordance with Pluto… & most likely playing out in the land of structure & politics. Although many things will be easier than they have been, there is still quite a bit of challenge in the air with an aspect of this nature. It is a dynamic influence, though… so it is not a boring time.
Super Moons of 2011. There are 6 Super Moons in 2011, three Full & three New.
A Super Moon is when the Moon is both at perigee (its closest approach to the earth) & at syzygy (in a new or full phase). Super Moons are said to generate stronger gravitational pulls on coastal tides, weather patterns, & tectonic plates. While not as strong as an eclipse, Super Moons can still be quite significant.
February 18th Full Moon, March 19th Full Moon, & April 17th Full Moon.
September 27th New Moon, October 26th New Moon, & November 24th New Moon.
The Mayan Calendar & 2012
According to the Mayan Calendar, we are approaching the end of “The Great Cycle.” About every 26,000 years, the Earth’s ecliptic (the path we travel on) goes through this dark rift in space that has high concentrations of interstellar dust. It is equivalent with a kind of galactic winter solstice. This began with the harmonic convergence on August 17th, 1987. The high point of the transition was in the year 2000. The ending of this journey is meant to be on & around Dec 21st, 2012.
The lore suggests that humanity is in a momentous transition… for it is a new beginning in a galactic sense. Potentials for this time could include evolving from competition to collaboration… & from survival of the fittest to what fits us all. Just because the Mayans did not record time past the end date of “The Great Cycle” does not mean that our world will end. It just means that we are at the end of one great cycle & are about to embark upon the next big phase.
The lore suggests that we are in a succession of major shifts in consciousness. For those of you planning big events, you might want to make note of these dates:
As of February 11th, 2011, we will begin what they say is a “Universal Unity Consciousness.” It is the age of Unity in Diversity.
By March 8th, 2011, we engage in the 2nd to last step of Unity.
Then, by October 28th, 2011, they say that it is the beginning of the establishment of the highest energy state of our collective consciousness… the “13 Ahau.”
On July 17th & 18th of 2012, there is a time of “Cosmic Convergence,” where they say that networking & communication will reach a great height.
The high point of one of our 22 year Sun Spot cycles will also be happening in 2012. This is a time when more solar flares are produced by our Sun. The high point of Sun Spot Cycles increase electro-magnetic activity on Earth, improving communication of all kinds.
Generally, the end of “The Great Cycle” (by December 21st, 2012) is a time to re-unite matter & spirit, head & heart, nature & humanity. It is an integration time, a time where we get to experience creating more instantaneously… a period where time “speeds up” in a sense.
The metaphor that the darkest hour is often just before the dawn seems relevant in these times. This is the end of one giant phase… & the beginning of a new one. It is a time of great potentials. Doing our best to stay positive in these times has not been easy for everybody, but things will get better. Become your truth & you become the next truth that is available.

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