Have you ever experienced coming out from your physical body, in a form of a light, an essence or an energy? That is your astral body, a soul, life-force or chi. It is perhaps some of us has experienced, getting out from our bodies in a dream, going through Out-of-Body Experience, or Near-Death Experience. These are all indications of astral projection or astral travel.

Astral projection, which also means “astral travel”, is a construal of out-of-body experience (OBE) that asserts the presence of an “astral body” distinct from the physical body and able of wandering out from within its physical form. It signifies the astral body parting the physical form to traverse in the astral sphere.

The notion of an astral essence crossing over originated in most religious scripts of the afterlife, by which the mind or the soul travels or takes off is designated in certain accounts as an out-of-body experience, by which the spirit essence departs the physical body and wanders about in his/her astral body.

Astral projection or “astral journeys” is generally connected with “near death experiences” and is also often regarded as spur-of-the-moment experience that is related with terminal illness, severe infection, highly infectious diseases, in a comatose state, under general anesthesia during an operation, sleep and dream state.

In certain beliefs, cult, sect and religious groups, astral projection or “astral wanderings” is being regarded as an integral part in anthropological or ethnographic writings on witchcraft, wizardry, shamanism, sorcery, myths and religious doctrines and principles.

Since the Iron Age in ancient history, astral projection or “astral travels” has already been a part of their existence and cultural beliefs. The astral energy is a transitional essence of radiance connecting the quintessential soul to the physical body while the astral sphere is a transitional world of energies and forces associating heaven and earth, which encompass the space of planets and stars. These astral spaces were seized to be inhabited by spirits, demons and angels.

In agreement to selected occult, mysterious and esoteric doctrines, subtle bodies are chains of spiritual elements of mortal beings. Every subtle body conforms to a subtle sphere of existence, in a rank or succession of every human existence.

The subtle bodies and their connected spheres of subsistence, create an integral part of the esoteric methods that control with astral events. Frequently, these energies and their spheres of subsistence were showed as a sequence of round spaces, with a distinctive body crossing over various realms.

Analogous concept of “astral travels” were also being recorded in some ancient Egyptian doctrines regarded the existence of a soul when a person passes that transition between heaven and earth.

There are innumerable out-of-body-experiences that are being recorded through ancient history until today. Although, this kind of phenomenon still needs extra basis to be regarded as authentic occurrences. However, as we dig more on the intensity of the paranormal, we seem to contemplate that there is a myriad of incidences that are way beyond the sphere of science. And, that as we go along the investigation of the paranormal, its mysticism still continues to amaze and fascinates the world.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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