In the earlier days, people use to wear shoes to protect the feet from injuries during running through rough terrains. However, presently they are used for a variety of purpose, but most people use it to enhance their outward appearance. Moreover, shoes such as orthoses are used by people of all ages with a variety of foot or lower leg problems. Modern shoes are often designed in a trendy way to captivate the users. For example, latest shoes like cheap Nike air Jordan shoes, cheap Prada shoes and much more come in different styles that are comfortable and flexible. But, you must choose them after several considerations, because shoes that are made of low quality materials may not last long. To avoid such regrets, it’s better to gain some knowledge about the types of shoes before starting to shopping process, because it might help you to select the shoe according to your expectations and budget.

Shoes are designed mainly based on the purpose in which they are used. For example, shoes that are used for outdoor activities consist of spikes to provide grip and faster moments.

Some popular types of shoes are listed below:

Athletic shoes:

These shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort and flexibility for the athletes during running. Most of these shoes are fabricated with spikes at the bottom to enhance the stability of the person during his outdoor activities.

Orthopedic shoes:

People, who are suffering from a chronic foot or lower limb condition, which is limiting their mobility or independence, are suggested by physicians to wear orthoses. Athletes wear orthoses to get rid of muscle stiffness or to improve the function of the foot.

Dance shoes:

There are two types of dance shoes such as ballet shoes and jazz shoes. Ballet shoes are used by adults and children during ballet class. These types of shoes are designed to provide flexible movement while performing dance moments.

Dress shoes:

These shoes are designed to enhance your outward appearance during special occasion or events. You can find these types of shoes according to your expectations and budget. They are fabricated with smooth leather which provides an appealing appearance to the user. They are available in different fascinating designs that are unique and trendy. For example, cheap Gucci shoes offer more comfort and stylish look for the user.

Casual shoes:

This type of shoes provides comfort to the user during walking and can also available in many decorated styles such as cap-toes, plain toes, brogues and much more. Cheap puma shoes can also be used as a stylish shoe, which is designed perfectly to fit exactly in the foot and provide flexibility during walking.

These are some popular types of shoes that are available in the market.

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