Description - Medicines are the dying's last hope. No matter what one says/advises/performs for the sick, it is only the medicine that brings relief and peace to the pain the body suffers . Benefits for Chemist
For All Our Powerful Protectors (or) For All Our Cheerful Chemists (or) For All Our Fantastic Pharmacies "You restore the balance of life"
Medicines are the dying's last hope. No matter what one says/advises/performs for the sick, it is only the medicine that brings relief and peace to the pain the body suffers . The one who dispenses such medicines is next to a God for the one in need.AstoCare reserves a special place for such pharmacists who have been saving lives day after day by doing what they must with utmost diligence and honesty. Every AstoCare registered Chemist enjoys our special attention and a bundle of benefits. Take a look:
Better reach
Accept medicine orders from even the far-off patients. Go limitless
with AstoCare. No need to defend unavailability of medicines via long
explanations and quarrels. Simply unaccept the order requests. No need
to keep the queues coming in, even past your closing time. Just
schedule your daily orders and go back home to your family, on time.
Regular orders
Chemists can reschedule orders as and when they find convenient or
imperative. If your patient is on a specific routine of medicines and
you think it is time for them to order again, this feature will enable
you to get them to order from you again. Sit back and relax using this

Share options help Doctors share their e-prescriptions with you via
our portal at AstoCare. Everything is typed in. No need to bicker and
strain your eyes with horrible handwritings. Just do it all,

Walk-In Registrations
Help unregistered patients access AstoCare as and when they walk in
towards your medical, using the Walk-In Sign-up feature. This feature
enables them to have a rudimentary access to the services rendered by
AstoCare to all its registered patients. You can have it done via your
account, with us, and then they can complete their registration on
their rudimentary account themselves, later.

Banned Meds?
Check for banned medicines and drugs through the portal, whenever in
doubt. No need to go out on a limb guessing if it is right or not.
Just check for them on our portal itself and have all your doubts

Marketing Drives
Regular marketing sessions for the promotion of medicine orders from
you, via AstoCare will be done. Spreading the word about your
remarkable services via our portal, online and offline is our prime
duty as your partner in healthcare. Getting you in touch with patients
better is always our agenda.

Medical Updates
Newsletter and medical blogs will keep you updated with the medical
world. Even if your knowledge about the trends of today’s healthcare
industry is getting rusty, we have your back there as well. Just check
out our comprehensive blog and get updated with everything that you
need to know, in just one read at a time! If that too is becoming a
task for you, we will mail you your dose of the much-needed updates.
You can also subscribe to our newsletter and see for yourself how you
and we are trying to shape a better future for this very medical
industry.AstoCare treasures each and every one of its pharmaceutical partners.
You really won't regret connecting with us. Feel the power of
e-healthcare and become a part of something better. Login to AstoCare
today.Looking for help? Get in touch with us

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