Asthma and pregnancy are two conditions, which many people believe are not compatible with each other. That is not always the case. Though it is true that the conditions may worsen in some pregnant women, studies have shown that in some cases they remain the same or even become better in some pregnant women.

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting thing that can happen in the life of a woman. But it’s also the most delicate period in her life. The body undergoes a lot of changes including hormonal imbalances, weight gain and much more. A healthy pregnancy is of paramount concern. So it is only natural that asthma and pregnancy coupled together will be a constant source of monumental concern for any future mother.

Let’s address some of the basic concerns of pregnant women with this condition and what steps to take to best handle your concerns.

Asthma and Pregnancy: Should I Take My Medications?

Its a very delicate balance. Many pregnant women with this condition may feel that taking the medication will cause harm to an unborn child and avoid taking it. Doing this is a huge mistake, as this only elevates the risk of the baby being put in harm’s way. The fetus solely depends on the pregnant mother for its oxygen supply (the air which they breathe). By not taking the medication you need to take, there is an increased the chances of an attack. During asthma attacks it becomes difficult to breathe, resulting in less oxygen being supplied to the body. As a result there may not be enough oxygen for the baby. If such a situation were to occur in the early stage of development of the baby, then that baby’s life is put at risk.

Studies have shown that women who try to avoid their asthma medications may face complications during pregnancy. There is also a high probability that their babies may be born prematurely and also underweight. Unfortunately, this poses a bigger risk for the health of the baby.

Another reason to take medication as prescribed is because the risk is minimal to the baby compared to the potential risk of not taking it. If possible, inhalers are preferred to pills. Talking with your health care professional is the best thing to do in this type of situation. They can suggest medications that can be used safely during pregnancy.

Asthma and Pregnancy: Can I Breastfeed My Child?

Women who suffer from this medical condition often question themselves as to whether or not they can breastfeed their child while using asthma medications. This is not a reason for concern as asthma medications (especially inhalers) have only low doses of drugs and are designed to be absorbed by the lungs. So very little if any will absorbed by the blood stream.

Asthma and Pregnancy: Other Considerations

If getting the flu makes you prone to an asthma attack, you may want to consider getting a flu vaccination but only if absolutely necessary during the last half of the pregnancy.

Also, if you are a pregnant woman and feel that taking allergy shots helps you prevent asthma attacks, then it is probably in your best interest and the interest of your baby to continue to take them. Again, this is a case where you have to check with your physician as conditions and the severity of this condition varies from person to person. There is no way of knowing beforehand as to how your body will handle this. The good news is that most pregnant women with asthma have a safe pregnancy without any complications.

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