Asthma in general is an incurable condition that deals with the respiratory system which result to the narrowing of airway. Asthma can be a life threatening condition for some while it can just be a minor glitch in the system for others. Though it is a known fact that no scientific research has found a cure for asthma, but its symptoms can be controlled. People that have experienced a life threatening asthma attack might end up being asthma free and might only experience its attack once in blue moon.
One of the side effects of asthma is;
• Difficulty in breathing because of the narrowed airways
• It causes intense coughing (People who do not know that they are asthma patient might think the intense coughing is a result of tuberculosis that’s why it’s always important to visit the doctor before coming to conclusion on any type of ailment.
• Wheezing.
• Inability to breadth well.
Asthma attacks known cause are genetic and environmental, but mostly genetic found in the DNA of the victims. Asthma before age 12 is genetic while above 12 might be environmental.

Asthma symptoms vary from person to person. One might constantly have life threatening asthma attacks and some others might only experience it once in a while which might be a result of exercise or exposure to too much dust. The symptoms is divided into two, early symptoms and late symptoms that only appear when it already chronic.
This Includes;
• Chest pain: One important symptom is chest pain, a frequent chest pain, and the pain might also vary. It can be hard on some people and lighter on others
• Cough: This asthmatic cough is very intense and like it has been written above shouldn’t be taken for tuberculosis, all medical practitioners negates self prescription or medication. This cough can be triggered during sleep, exercise, and it can either be chronic or mild.
• Respiratory symptoms: the respiratory symptoms of asthma attacks come in various ways which includes, wheezing, rapid breathing, difficulty in breathing, constant respiratory infections, inability or shortness of breath at night that might force on to breathe through the mouth.
• Throat Irritation
• One will also get easily during exercise.
• and one to get easily upset
• Fast heart rate and early waking is also among the early symptoms of asthma.

This includes;
• Asthma that needs inhaler has reached the peak of asthma infection. Some asthma needs the frequent use of Inhaler to prevent the going into full asthma attack.
• Frequent and increasing difficulty in breathing which can be measured by the flow meter peak.
• And the more the early symptoms occur the chronic it gets.
It’s always good to visit the hospital before concluding which kind of infection is affecting you. There are many infections with the same symptoms always stay safe and don’t self medicate.

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