The Asterisk is one of the most widely used VoIP solution development technologies in the world. It is the first technology which was used to build innovative unified communication solutions which increase the productivity of the staff and reduced the telecommunication cost. In fact, the Asterisk development has produced a wide array of omnichannel communication solutions which could help many businesses to grow faster.

With the time Asterisk development has benefited almost all industry verticals by providing custom solutions which can be used to fulfill the communication needs of a company, an enterprise or an organization. If we say that each industry vertical uses the communication solutions built with expert Asterisk development, it is not an exaggeration at all. Let’s see some more detail on how the Asterisk development has paved its way in all industry verticals.

When initially Asterisk development came into existence, it was only used by the VoIP service providers. The wholesale and retail VoIP service providers have started using the Asterisk development services to build custom VoIP softswitch. This can be a class 4 softswitch, class 5 softswitch and even hybrid VoIP softswitch. The VoIP softswitch can be used to route the call, data, signal, etc. on the internet lines.

Later, Asterisk development used by the business communication service providers. As Asterisk is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution and has all features of a PBX, the businesses started getting robust IP PBX solutions with a wider array of features. The major benefit of IP PBX was that it is extremely cheaper to use compared to the legacy telecommunication systems. Furthermore, it provides a lot many features related to communication and collaboration which are either not possible to achieve with the legacy telephony system or very expensive to use. These characteristics and pros of the Asterisk based IP PBX solution increased its adoption. At the moment, almost all industry verticals use the IP PBX solution based communication system. To name a few:

• Information Technology
• Corporate
• Retail
• eCommerce
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Tourism
• Real estate
• And more

With time, many more inventions took place and the Asterisk development started getting used in building general purpose communication and collaboration solutions which can touch more industries and businesses. Some of the top and most popular solutions built with expert Asterisk development are listed below:

• Audio conferencing solution
• Video conferencing solution
• Web phone
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution
• Click to call solution
• Call center software
• Voice logger solution
• And many more

The custom Asterisk development services have touched many businesses and given them a whole new weapon to deal with the fierce competition. The Asterisk based communication solution makes communication real time and remote. It means anyone can connect with any other person at any time. At the same time, the cost is absolutely lower than traditional telephony cost. This has encouraged startups, small and mid scaled businesses to take benefit of the omnichannel communication solution along with the enterprises. We can say that in each industry, the Asterisk development based solution is in use and it is bestowing many advantages to the companies.

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Mehul Shah is working in a VoIP company that offers services like Asterisk development, Call center CRM integration, FreeSWITCH development, WebRTC development, etc.