Evidences say that about three fourth of the hospital admissions due to Asthma can be prevented as opined by Lahdensuo (1999). As prevention is always preferred over therapeutic measure the first strategy of the registered nurse would revolve around educating Jack about the potential threats of the disease and the aggravating factors for this disease. The registered nurse must ensure the factors which have the potential to trigger the event of onset of the symptoms.

As the interview with the patient shows that the patient’s condition gets aggravated with hard work or when subjected to physical stress the patient should be well advised to avoid such tasks and also be aware that these factors add to the respiratory insufficiency. According to Gibson, Powell et al (2009) self management education for asthma can be beneficial from several contexts. As Jack is advised to use preventer and reliever inhaler for control of the onset of the symptoms, he should always keep them for controlling the situation in case immediate medical help is not available.

Jack should also be taught about the self management skills and what is the appropriate step to take in case situation goes out of control due to worsening conditions of asthma or frequent awakening at night due to non productive cough and restlessness . Apart from physical stress smoking, exposure to dust or pollen or cold weather conditions might be triggering agents for asthma. Hence the registered nurse should consider these points and educate the patient on how to tackle such situation.

While in a community based practice the other participating community members should understand the grave condition of asthma and should be educated what emergency measures can be taken to prevent the a member from further deterioration of his/her condition. While a community member faces an asthmatic attack, what is the role of another member who without asthma symptoms should be known to him/her and he/she should be able to take a role and report to the healthcare team member depending on their availability but as soon possible. According to Hovell, Meltzer (1994) the use of peak flow meters by the patients should be ensured and also the patients should be encouraged by the registered nurse to maximize the use of the peak flow meter as much possible. A better knowledge of self management techniques can considerably lower the risk of hospitalization and ensure lesser discomfort, prevention of onset of asthma and decrease in morbidity.

Sometimes a care giver might also be trained in a community based program for elderly patients who are at bigger risk of the disease and might need more attention. While planning the community program the involvement of community members and a group orientation might be required when the community members are different cultural or ethnical backgrounds. As soon as the firs sign of the asthma occurs the immediate reorganization and self intervention methods should be adopted. If the registered nurse effectively trains the individuals and in group about the self intervention techniques, the evaluation of the training programs show good outcomes.

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